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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Celebration Saturday

I love linking up to a wonderful celebratory community, inspired by Ruth Ayres, every Saturday!
My students connected with Mr. Etkin's Alphabloggers this week by reading and commenting on each other's One Little Word Kidblog posts.  We are in Ohio, and his classes are in New York, so my sixth graders thought it was really cool to reach out over the states to share writing.
My friends and I went to Cincinnati's Aronoff Center to see "Kinky Boots" Thursday night.  I honestly didn't know what to expect - I just knew it a multiple Tony award winner.  Now I know why!  It was an incredibly entertaining musical.  It's funny, heartwarming, and fabulous!  Our Broadway series is great this season - we were wishing we had bought season tickets!  We want to go to "Newsies" next!
Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous BearLast Stop on Market Street
Usually, I watch the Youth Media Awards with my students every year, but this year, we had a work day, which meant I was at school, but my students were at home.  That was a bummer!  I still watched the livestream, though, as I worked at my desk.  I celebrate all the winners!  What an interesting year it was - a picture book won the Newbery!  I was especially excited about Kimberly Brubaker Bradley's book, The War That Saved My Life, winning THREE awards!  We had just Skyped Kimberly the previous week because it was my fifth grade read aloud before winter break. I celebrate all the fabulous children's literature that won awards on Monday!
 The War that Saved My Life
Now I'm celebrating our three-day weekend!


  1. We celebrated The War that Saved my Life also. It won our Mock Newbery. My kids love the movie Newsies. Someday I want to see the play. Enjoy your three day weekend!

  2. Looks like a wonderful week, Holly. The awards' results are marvelous! And isn't it great that you had just skyped with Kimberley Brubaker Bradley!

  3. I just got The War that Saved My Life in the mail yesterday. It's up next on my list!

  4. Anytime our students have an audience other than their teachers, it is a wonderful learning experience. I am sure students on both ends are truly enjoying the connection. The awards were certainly a surprise, but I am also glad The War that Saved My Life was recognized - certainly deserved it!

  5. Holly, I see that your celebrations all revolve around literacy and literary happenings this week: kidblogging, Broadway series, Youth Media Awards, reading. Special week that has you smiling.

  6. You sure seem to be doing rather than waiting these days. Love those blog connections. And Kinky Boots, too! What a great week!

  7. I forgot about celebrating the awards! I loved watching this year and was so excited by the winners. I've read many of them but not The War That Saved My Life. I'm glad to hear you liked it so much!

  8. Such a wonderful week. The awards are so fun to watch. We get to celebrate some of the best books, authors and illustrators. It can't help but make us happy. I really loved The War That Saved My Life.