Sunday, March 31, 2019

Slice of Life Story Challenge #31 - Thank You, Omu!

My focus this month is to explore writing invitations, mostly through newly published picture books, but possibly some other mentor texts as well.

Thank You, Omu!Thank You, Omu! by Oge Mora

bookshelves: 2018-bookkindnesscommunitygenerositymock-caldecott-2019picture-book 

A wonderful lesson that generosity comes back to you, and a celebration of community. "Omu" means "queen" in the Nigerian language, Igbo, of Oge Mora's parents, but for her, it meant "Grandma". Loved the cut-paper illustrations.

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Writing invitation: Who would you like to celebrate, and how would you thank them?

     Wow!  It's March 31st, and the Slice of Life Story Challenge has come to an end.  What a journey it has been.  I've wanted to revive my blogging life, and this has been the motivation to do so.  I've loved reconnecting with some old friends and discovering new ones.  I've loved getting back to a writing life - the awareness of inspiration all around me, the discipline in sitting down to write even when you don't think you have anything to say, and the satisfaction of participating in something that builds community and camaraderie.  Writing is hard work.  It doesn't always come easy, it exposes a vulnerability not often felt, and it can be frustrating.  But the hard work pays off - it can also reveal some revelations, help you connect to others, and help  you figure out this thing called life.  There are some thank yous I would like to extend:

- Thank you, Angela and Megan, for a late night text thread in February that convinced me that I could do this, and that you would both take on the challenge with me. For your steady personal and professional inspiration and friendships.
- Thank you, Val and Jill, for also being part of our somewhat sporadic, but fiercely enthusiastic writing club.  That dinner recently was a blast. We need to keep it going!
- Thank you, Margaret, for your frequent comments on my posts, for being an inspirational writer and teacher, and for talking me off the ledge at one point during this challenge. ;-)
- Thank you, Leigh Anne, for greeting me warmly and welcoming me back into the fold.
- Thank you, Carol, for your familiar and warm voice and encouraging comments.
- Thank you, Angelina, from Angelina's Gardens, for your chicken posts and being a new blog to follow.
- Thank you, Kim, for your photos and reflections on your blog, Thinking Through My Lens.
- Thank you to the picture book authors and illustrators of the picture books that gave me ideas to write about this month.  I am in constant awe of the art and stories you create.
- Thank you to everyone who wrote, read, and commented this month. 
- Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this challenge, your blog, and all the ways you inspire our writing lives and the writing lives of educators and students everywhere.
- Thank you to teacher writers everywhere who write because you love the craft, but also because you want to teach writing to your students, and being writers is the best way you can do that.
- Thank you all!  "Everyone who had knocked on Omu's door that day squeezed inside her tiny apartment, and together they ate, danced, and celebrated.  While Omu' big fat pot of thick red stew was empty, her heart was full of happiness and love."  While my "pen" is empty, my heart is full.  Signing off!