Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flyboarding in the Classroom

I was so excited about a blog post today that I had to immediately share it!!  Thank you, Styling Librarian, for making my morning, and thank you David Etkin, for inspiring Whatever Wednesday!

Check this out!

If you show it to students, don't let the credits roll since there's a joke at the end about where someone is from that's not appropriate for elementary students.  Just end the video when all the guys give the thumbs-up.

Franki Sibberson presented at a workshop I attended. Her topic was building mini-lessons (which is now a new book, The Joy of Planning), and she used YouTube videos as a way to scaffold skills.  I see this video as a stepping stone for theme ("You can dare to do anything you put your mind to" or something along those lines), mood (suspense at the beginning, joy when they start "flying"), and more.  Enjoy and FLY!

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