Friday, November 9, 2012

Mock Caldecott 2013 Club Day 6

More Caldecott contenders thanks to Colby Sharp's and Mr. Schu's idea.  Today's Picture Book Month theme was music, so I chose to share Nightsong by Ari Berk and illustrated by Loren Long.  I love this sweet little story, and cute little Chiro is irresistible.  We talked about how we could look at this book metaphorically, and one class said some amazing things about its theme.  We had finished Wonder by R.J. Palacio not too long ago, and a student made a connection between Chiro and Auggie and how they both had to leave their comfort zones to learn more about themselves, but they were still happy to come home and be close to their families.  We also talked about how this book could make a great graduation gift - especially from a parent to a child.  One student also compared Chiro's experiences to sports - how one goal met can lead to even bigger goals.  Great insights from fourth graders! 


I recently blogged about Loren Long in October because I went to see him at The Blue Manatee Children's Bookstore in Cincinnati.  He gave a great talk about his illustrating process.  He's also just a kind and cool guy!

As I was looking on YouTube for Loren Long videos, I came across this!  Have you seen it?  Awesome!!!!!!!

Here are the reviews my students wrote about Nightsong:

"The drawings of Chiro were so cute.  The author was trying to tell you to leave home and explore."
"I loved this book because the pictures show that it is dark in the beginning but now you can see."
"My favorite picture is when it shows him at the pond."
"I love how the illustrator made the bat lovable."
"I like the lines that show the darkness."
"The one of the sea is awesome.  I love how he did the waves."
"I love how the illustrator made Chiro and Chiro's mom look gentle, kind, and loving."
"The book may win the Caldecott because the illustrator gave the bat human and puppy traits.  The illustrations were very detailed - belly button, freckles."
"I think this would be a great graduation gift."
"My favorite illustration was the picture of Chiro flying over the ocean."
"Letting go is hard, but you can always come back."
"I liked when Chiro is singing it makes like a light effect that's very bright."

I loved Taylor's summary and response!  Check out the summary in the song/echolocation style that Loren used for Chiro.

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