Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hello! Hello! Winners

Today I held a raffle in all four classes for the four copies of Matthew Cordell's Hello! Hello! that I bought during his awesome promotion.  I got a fabulous original watercolor, and my students got a fabulous book.  A win, win situation!!  The winners were SO excited!  In the aftermath of the terrible tragedy last Friday, any stories about connecting with others, enjoying nature, and encouraging family time is welcomed! So are the smiles on these kids' faces. Don't you love them?!


My watercolor!!


  1. Lucky you...lucky students! I love those HAPPY faces! :) :)

    1. The kids were adorable when they won - they screamed! :-)

  2. My daughter was one of the winners and she is still thrilled! Tonight we were looking at the book together and noticed how the ladybug is on the girl's dress from the point she discovers it until she shares it with her brother. After that it is on his shirt! We both loved that detail!!