Friday, January 18, 2013

Fantastic Friday, Finished Series, and 40 Book Invitation Update

This was a bittersweet week for two of my students, featured below.  William just finished the ENTIRE Pendragon series, which he started in the fall!  You have to realize this fantastic feat: this series is made up of 10 books and equals 4,582 pages, an average of 458 pages per book.  What makes this such a coup is that he has never attempted a series like this before, and I'm so excited for him because he has so many he can enjoy now that he's broken this kind of barrier in his reading.  He chose The Lord of the Rings as his next series (I voted for Harry Potter, but I know he'll get to it!).  It was so fun to follow his journey through this series because he would show me each new book as he started it - proud as could be!  He was a little sad to be done, but proud!

SPIN CAM of what JFB 2 is reading now  (thanks to David Etkin for introducing me to Spin Cam):

Another student loved The Underland Chronicles and just finished the series.  She kept me updated on the emotional highs and lows of this series.  It consists of 5 books and 1,733 pages.  Of course, the Gregor books are a much more appropriate Suzanne Collins  choice for 4th graders than the Hunger Games series, so when one of my students wants to read that series, I direct them toward this one.  She was so sad to finish the last one.  She's going to try out Redwall next.
SPIN CAM of what JFB 1 is reading now:

The other exciting thing going on in my classes is that kids are starting to meet the 40 Book Invitation (Donalyn Miller) already!  I love when a student stands up in the middle of silent reading, holds a book up high, and says "I just finished my 40th book!"  Books read this quarter by 43 students: 482


  1. Wow! Congratulations to your students. They are reading some amazing books!! Way to go!

    1. They are! It's fun to watch them make big strides in their reading lives!