Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's THIRSTday!

Thank you to David Etkin for starting a meme on his blog, {Eat the Book}. Today is Thursday THIRSTday: A beverage and a book.

My THIRSTday post each week is going to have a twist. One of my best friends, Karan Witham-Walsh, is an incredibly talented artist and makes pottery in her very own studio. She also teaches ceramics at a local high school. We decided to pair our passions: books and pottery! My beverage will be featured in her amazing designs. Check out the beautiful mug on her Etsy site!We thought this was a good one to feature since the book is humorous and the mug is whimsical. It also looks spring-ish, and we're hoping spring will arrive any day now!  Here is the direct link:  Eclectic Majolica Mug. It's on clearance!  She sells lots of beautiful, durable, amazing pottery there, so you can order the mug, or anything else you find and love, for yourself!! Enjoy your coffee!
A student just finished Ungifted by Gordon Korman and thought it was really funny, so I asked to borrow it when he was done.  I teach gifted kids, so I thought it would be a fun one to read.  I just started it, and I've already laughed aloud several times!

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  1. Very clever idea! Looking forward to more Thirstdays. :-)

    Mirabelle & Mom