Friday, April 26, 2013

Fantastic Friday!

This month my students read Newbery titles and novels in verse.  As part of the 40 Book Invitation, I concentrate on various genres and award-winning books throughout the year to encourage and promote wide reading of excellent contemporary, and sometimes, classic midldle grade books. We finished up the Newbery part of the unit recently (we're going to revisit Newberys in May when I introduce the 2014 Mock Newbery Club), and we're partway through a two-week novels in verse concentration and summary response letter-writing unit.  While students are reading the required books (that they chose from lots of book talks), they continue to read independent books of their choice.  Some students finished their 40 Book Invitation in January or February, but many are finishing up now.  I can't wait to see our grand totals at the end of the year.  Take a look at the Newberys (winners and honors) and novels in verse my students are reading - just click on the link underneath each picture to see the Spin Cam.





After a week of reading novels in verse, the kids had to write  summary response letters to their partner readers.  They brought the letters in today in their notebooks, and then their partners wrote back.  Throughout the year, I've taught them summaries separately from response paragraphs, so now they're combining them into a more natural, real life kind of book response.  I really enjoyed reading them, and they enjoyed writing them.  The weather was so nice in the afternoon that I took that class out to write in the playground area.  It was a great idea until 2 or 3 classes of first graders came out to play!  It was still nice to be outside.

I will share some of the letters they wrote to each other next week.

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