Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Summer Bookout

With summer pool season here, it's time to get into reading shape!  Are you beach ready?  Want to know why I'm going to choose this particular fitness program?  Read on!

The Benefits of a Summer Bookout
1.  Gain Muscle Mass - Go ahead and choose long, heavy books.  It's summer!  Holding those big books upright will shape and tone your biceps!
2.  Burn Calories - You'll be surprised how many calories you can burn by flipping pages and/or pushing the button on your Kindle (the touchscreen doesn't quite burn as many - consider that when purchasing an e-reader.
3.  Shape and Tone - Choosing books on the lower shelf at the library or bookstore is pretty much the same as doing squats in your exercise class except that you get a much better reward - books - after you're done! 
4.  Stretch - Bending your head in all different directions when checking out the spines on all those books at the library and bookstore gives you the daily stretching you need - combine that with reaching up to the top shelves, and you've covered your stretching for the day.
5.  Increase cardiovascular reading endurance - Pop some headphones in with the latest audio book and do your housework or gardening.  Your dog will appreciate a walk down the street, too - pick longer audios for big dogs.
6.  Show off  at parties or reunions - After a few weeks of getting into reading shape, buy yourself a new pair of cool eyeglasses.  People will notice and will compliment your new fitness regime.
7.  Save money - You don't need the latest Lululemon-wear.  No particular workout clothes are necessary.  Use your extra spending money to buy a cool new e-reader cover.
8.  Improve conversation fitness - Think how much you can add to the poolside cocktail party conversations.  Your friends and acquaintances will flock to you.
9.  Reduce stress - There's nothing more relaxing than escaping into another world.
10.  Elevated mood - A summer bookout will make you happy and relaxed.  You'll smile more - there is no greater beauty enhancer than that!
I hope you will join me in this effort!  It always makes it easier to have a support system in place for those difficult days.  You may need help in choosing the next title or just someone to talk to after finishing an amazing book, or just a pat on the back for reducing your TBR pile.  Everyone needs encouragement!  If you need places to go that will help your efforts during your summer bookout, consider these sites:
Nerdy Book Club, Twitter (join Donalyn Miller's #Bookaday Challenge), Goodreads, Indiebound, Watch. Connect. Read., attend nErD Camp Battle Creek, and read It's Monday! What Are You Reading? blog posts at Book Journey and Teach Mentor Texts - link to all the other posts on Mondays from there! 
Let me know if you have any more ideas for bookout benefits or tips to be in reading shape by the end of the summer!!