Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Teachers Write: Tuesday Quick-Write

Tying in today's Teacher's Write prompt by Kate Messner to my WIP, which is a professional teaching book, I thought about what my classroom will sound like when we all return in August.  Since I've been meeting with a Mock Newbery Club over the summer, and I've heard from some students on my blog about what they're reading and thinking, and I remember the culture we built last year (I'm teaching many of the same students again this year), I have an idea that it might sound like this - some conversation will be directed at me, and some will be at classmates:
"Did you read Navigating Early?  I did!  I loved it!  It's the best book I've ever read!"
"I read the WHOLE Harry Potter series this summer again.  What did you re-read?"
"I read Heaven is for Real!  It was so amazing!  You should read it!"
"Did you read the rest of the Gregor the Overlander series like I wanted you to, Mrs. Mueller?"
"I kept up with the #Bookaday Challenge!  Did you?"
"I read Paperboy, Destiny Rewritten, and Navigating Early.  I liked them all!"
"What are we reading aloud first?"
"Will you read what I wrote?"
"What did you read, Mrs. Mueller?  What was your favorite?"
"Wow!  All your books are in one room now!  Yay! (I was teaching out of three rooms last year, and my classroom library was divided.)  What should I read next?"
"What is your favorite to win the Newbery so far?  What new ones are coming out?  Are you going to buy them?"
"I LOVED Center of Everything!  Thank you for letting me borrow it!"
"My favorite book of the summer was Every Day After.  What was yours?"
"Did you find any new good picture books?"
"I'm writing a story!  Will you read it?"
"How many books are you challenging us to read this year?"
"When can we silent read?"
I know it's only the middle of July, but I can hear all those voices ringing in my head already!  I know there will be other sounds, too - pencil sharpeners grinding, chair legs scraping, too-loud cafeteria voices, locker doors slamming, playground laughter.  Some sounds will be welcoming, some annoying, some funny, some exhausting...all of them the sounds of school.  But the sounds I love the most are the sounds of the language arts classroom - sounds of books and stories, writing and reading, sharing and collaborating.  The acoustics of the season.


  1. The acoustics you describe are what my 3rd grade teacher fondly called, "classroom magic". The chatter of kids buzzing about books is the best sound in the world. I'm not a fan of the pencil sharpener grinding or chairs scraping across the floor, but playground laughter and title talk are my favorite. I love how you effortlessly transported me back into my classroom, weaving words together to create unforgettable sensory images. Thanks for sharing your art with the world!

    1. Thank you for your positive feedback!

  2. I love this sound. I can only hope my students will sound as excited about reading as yours. Last year was the first year I had that experience. Even those who struggle to read talked about books in my classroom. I miss these sounds in the summer.

    1. I miss them in the summer, too! That's why I hold summer Mock Newbery Club meetings. It gives me my "kid fix!" :-)

  3. I love those kinds of comments! I'm so excited that this year will be my first year as a librarian, and while I'm at a new school, I am eager to get my new students hooked on reading, and prepare to hear those things next school year.

    1. Oh, how fun - being a librarian would be my other dream job. ;-) Good luck- I'm sure you will hook those kids! :-)

  4. These acoustics are music to every teacher's ears!

  5. I can hear it clearly, sounds like Heaven!