Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nonfiction Wednesday

Thanks to Kid Lit Frenzy, I made a goal to read more children's nonfiction this year which I will be featuring on my blog every Wednesday.

Last week, I attended a two-day workshop led by Laura Robb, featuring her book, Unlocking Complex Texts.  She gave us excellent information about the Common Core and led us through exercises that gave us experience in the kinds of reading and writing we will be asking students to do.

Unlocking Complex Texts
The Common Core emphasizes the importance of nonfiction, so we brainstormed various resources for short nonfiction texts.  I found the list very helpful and will be incorporating many of them in my classroom this year.  NOTE:  Literature will ALWAYS have a place in my classroom.  I will definitely not let nonfiction squeeze it out!  However, I do think our students need many opportunities to do real life reading, and that includes a lot of informational texts and multimedia.  Here are some elementary and middle school resources to help you:

What are some of your favorite resources for short nonfiction text/multimedia sources?


  1. What a great resource Holly! Thanks for sharing this. I love Wonderopolis and want to incorporate it into my classroom more this year.

  2. Sounds like a great book.. thanks for sharing!

  3. This just gave me an idea for my first literacy post for the District's weekly instructional newsletter. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is so great! I love it! I was just talking with a school team this week about close reading so I'll have more resources to share now! Thanks!