Saturday, October 12, 2013

Celebration Saturday

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     I'm so happy that Ruth Ayres started a Celebrate Link-Up on her blog!!!  I will be joining the celebration every Saturday!!
     This week, I'm celebrating our #ReadWalkWater week, inspired by A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park.  When David Etkin and I wrote our blog post for Nerdy Book Club on September 12th about our plan, this whole experience was just a goal and a dream.  We had no idea how it was going to turn out, or if it would be successful in raising money.  We had a lot of fun collaborating by Twitter, Facebook, text, phone, and Google Video Chat, pulling in friends and colleagues who wanted to join us in the effort.  David and his school walked for The Ugandan Water Project, and we chose Water for South Sudan.  Our staffs, students, and communities got on board, and away we went! 
     Check out the news from Sweet Home Middle School and David Etkin:
     Mr. Etkin brought James up for the grand total announcement: $12,616!!!! That will fund THREE Rainwater Collection Systems for Ugandan schools!
Photo: Mr. Etkin brought James up for the grand total announcement:  $12,616!!!! That will fund THREE Rainwater Collection Systems for Ugandan schools!
     WOW!  When David called after school yesterday, I no idea he was going to tell me THAT!!  $12,616???!!!  Amazing and wonderful!  Congratulations!!  I'm happy to CELEBRATE that awesome achievement!
     We had a wonderful week as well.  Our grand total is nowhere near that, but we're still excited!  After bracelet sales and donations for the walk, our total is $2,717.40!  And we're not done yet!  We're participating in the H2O Project until October 20th, and my colleague, Tracy, and I are presenting to our local Rotary Club on the 31st. We'll have a table at an upcoming chorus concert and Spooktacular, our school's fall community party.  Our kids learned to care about other people and places in the world, focus on others, realize the power of literature, and take action to solve a problem: all wonderful things to celebrate!  On Tuesday, we Skyped with Water for South Sudan.  That was really cool!  Here was their Facebook post:

WFSS employees Lynn Malooly and Marie Cinti Skype (video conference) with over 300 6th graders at a school assembly at Columbia Intermediate School in Kings Mills, Ohio. The 6th graders recently finished reading A Long Walk to Water and are... going to begin a fundraiser for Water for South Sudan this Friday. School group fundraisers run by passionate students and coordinated by engaged, passionate teachers make an enormous impact on fundraising efforts which provides vital funds to allow WFSS to continue to do this meaningful and life changing work. Thanks to Columbia Intermediate School and teacher Holly Mueller as well as all of the school groups, past, present and future, who are taking matters into their own hands and creating change! We can't possibly express our gratitude enough!

 My daughter, Libby's, friend, Jordan came to visit to teach about the world water crisis.  She's the founder of the Miami University chapter of Living Water.
Our goal poster made by our art teacher!
Selling #ReadWalkWater bracelets during lunch

Jordan brought Jerry cans and water from the well she helped dig in Guatemala.
She brought 10 Day tattoos to remind kids to drink nothing but water for 10 days!

The walk begins!  It was a beautiful day!
Filled Jerry cans weigh 44 lbs.!
Even crutches didn't stop a student!


Jordan and me


As you can see, it was week to celebrate!!  What are YOU celebrating today?


  1. What a neat project with fantastic results! That is something to celebrate!

  2. Wow! What a big celebration. I'm struck by ALL of the people who worked together to make this possible. You did a nice job capturing it all. Thanks for joining the celebration.

  3. What an amazing feat your close community and your connected community with David were able to achieve! Congratulations on this celebration!

  4. What a wonderful thing you've accomplished, raising the money & teaching the students how important our water is, & how needed everywhere! The book is so inspiring. I've recommended it so often in these past years since it came out. Congratulations!