Sunday, January 26, 2014

#Nerdlution Round 2

I love the Twitter, blog, and Facebook community I belong to.  It's ALWAYS positive.  Even if someone needs to rant or be sad about something, it's usually about something important and then it steers back to the positive.  I love that.  I was not successful at #Nerdlution Round 1 - I was so excited in the beginning, but my original goals were unrealistic.  Committing to something EVERY DAY is so difficult to achieve.  My original #Nerdlution post announced that I would write and walk for 20-30 minutes every day.  I do think I exercised more and wrote more for those 50 days than I did before, but I certainly didn't do both every day, and I didn't tweet about it every day.  (I think I kept up the tweeting for about a week.)  However, many #Nerdlution folks experienced the same predicament.  There were successes, but there were also failures.  But again, this community is quick to forgive, commiserate, regroup, and recommit.  Maybe it's the teacher in each of us: we cheer on our students, help them make goals, and get excited when they meet or even approximate their goals.  When they fail, we tell them it's okay.  They got closer and gave it a try.  We learn just as many valuable lessons in failure as we do in success.  Maybe even more!  With that being said, I'm revamping my goals.  Here are my new ones:

1.  Focus on my One Little Word: JOURNEY.  What's beautiful about OLWs is that there really aren't any failures attached to them.  I want to look at everything like it's a journey.  Jump in on opportunities, adventures, learning experiences, risks, etc., without fearing or worrying about the destination/future.  Be open to new things - enjoy the process. Take one day at a time.   Look positively on change and detours.  Expect transformation.  That's what JOURNEY means to me.

2.  Exercise at least 4 days week.  Right now walking (when it's nice outside, which right now is never) and the elliptical (indoors where the temperature is always in the positive digits) are my favorites.  I'd love to try Pilates again.  I may look into a class when the weather gets more reasonable.

3.  Write 4 days a week.  This can include blogging, journaling, Choice Literacy contributions, the book project. 

4.  Continue to participate in Ruth Ayres' Celebration Saturdays and look for at least one thing to be grateful/thankful for every day.  I've truly loved reading about celebrations every Saturday.  Reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts has also reinforced the importance of thanking God for all our blessings.  If you haven't joined Celebrate This Week, consider doing so.  It will change the way you look at your week.

Notice I'm not putting time expectations on the #2 and #3.  I'll be happy if I it's 10 minutes or 50 minutes.

Here's to Round 2!!  Thanks, Colby Sharp, Chris Lehman, Katherine Sokolowski,and Franki Sibberson, and many others for making this a fun forum for growth!! Here we go...


  1. Go Holly! I think we all learned a lot from #nerdlution the first time and will grow even more this time.

  2. I LOVE this post! You know how I've struggled with following my #nerdlution goals. I may have to do my own version of this post and talk about my struggles with it. I think your new goals are perfect! We CAN do it!

  3. I think that everyone who participated in nerdlution built toward their goal to write, read and/or exercise more. Everyone learned about what works or doesn't work for them in goal setting and time-management. I am sure that with adjusted goals, nerdlution 2 is going to be even more successful. I don't plan to join (have my silent goals going already) but plan to follow how others are doing and what insights they get about habit building. Good luck on your nerdlution journey.