Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Slice of Life - Recess

I loved participating in the March SOLSC.  I'm so glad we have Tuesday Slice of Life all year!  I have a few more memories I'd like to write about before I focus on other things, and since it is National Poetry Month, I'll do it in poems.  I was remembering how fun recess was when I was a kid. 

Not Ready to Go In Yet

The tetherball whips around
and around.
Slap, punch, hit
until it winds and winds
and can't be stopped.

Blisters erupt
from swinging on monkey bars,
but that doesn't stop me.
Count until I beat the record.
Pop those blisters until water runs.

Jump, jump, jump
take turns holding the rope.
Sing-song rhymes.
Hop out, hop in.
Oops.  Start over.

Chase the boys,
the boys chase us.
No one ever catches anyone.
What would we do
if we did?

Swing up high,
make the metal legs pop out of the ground.
Can I possibly swing any higher?
Higher than you.
1, 2, 3...Jump!

No!  It can't be time to go in.
Extra recess today?

                                     Just a little poetry inspiration from Naomi Shihab Nye...


  1. Love the switch to memory poems and this one takes me back to the playground. I played tetherball endlessly.

  2. Love the memory poem. And the videos. You are helping me be inspired by poetry month.

  3. I loved the swings. We don't have them at our school now, but I remember thinking if I was only strong enough I might fly! Your poem brings back such fun memories, Holly. At our school even the older kids have recess (6, 7, 8) & they still love it! Thanks for starting April with such joy!

  4. So many of your playground memories resonated with me - I was a tomboy, and boy did I every give playgrounds a workout. And, Naomi! I do love her, and this was a special treat, Holly. The perfect poem for the first day of Poetry Month, right?!

  5. Oh, how I remember those blisters! And the chasing! And the swings! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!