Saturday, May 10, 2014

Celebration Saturday

Discover. Play. Build.

 I'm so happy that Ruth Ayres started a Celebrate Link-Up on her blog!!!  I will be joining the celebration every Saturday!!

1.  The week started out as a celebration of Kate Messner's Wake Up Missing.  I read it aloud to my sixth graders, and we were lucky enough to win a free Skype session with Kate back in the fall.  Unfortunately, I completely forgot to set it up by the deadline in January, so when I contacted her last month, she was already booked up.  In true Kate Messner fashion, she found a slot for us anyway, and we had a great time talking to her Monday afternoon.  She is always so kind and informative, and generous with her time.  She talked about her ideas, research, and writing processes. We learned a lot, and my students loved it.

2.   It was Teacher Appreciation Week this week.  It felt like Christmas because my students kept bringing in little treats and notes for me all week.  Our generous PTO served a staff breakfast and lunch and even brought in a chiropractor to give shoulder and neck massages one day.  It's always wonderful to feel appreciated!  I love this plaque given to me by a student on Friday: 

3.  All OAA testing is over!  I have to say my school does a wonderful job staying positive and encouraging the kids during these tests.  They felt prepared and confident.  I had one student say, "I think you over-taught us this year, Mrs. Mueller."  Ha.

4.  I celebrate this student's line in her book response letter to me this week: "Sorry for how much I wrote.  Divergent really twisted my brain and killed my social life for a week."  Love it!

5.  I can't wait to read Julian's story!  It comes out on eBook on Tuesday.

Photo: One week from today, readers will have a chance to hear from Wonder’s most controversial character—Julian. >>  #thewonderofwonder

6.  I celebrate the decision to go on a mission trip with my daughter, Katie, two incredible women from my church, and four other high school students to Czech Republic to teach English this summer.  Unfortunately, it will take place during a trip I go on every year with my best friends.  It was hard to tell them I had decided to do this trip instead, but they were so understanding and accommodating.  We're going to cancel that trip and reschedule for Labor Day.  I'm excited that Katie wanted to do a mission trip this summer.  It will be a wonderful experience right before she goes off to college.

7.  Speaking of college, I love our family's sense of humor.  Look at what Katie got in the mail from Ed's cousins and aunt/uncle as a graduation gift.  We got a kick out of it.  Good joke! ;-)

Enjoy celebrating Mother's Day this weekend!  I celebrate having an amazing mom and mother-in-law.  I also celebrate having amazing daughters so I can BE a mom!


  1. We have Skyped with Kate Messner and it is such a wonderful experience. Since she has been a teacher I think she is so good at teaching them about the writing process.

  2. Great celebrations! Lucky 6th graders to skype w/ Kate Messner and have a supportive school environment for the testing work. AND thanks for the reminder about Julian. My students will want this. I think all I'll do for the rest of the school year is read to them. Not a bad idea. Perhaps I'll put it on the iPads. Then they can read together.

  3. Wow. Kate Messner is so fantastic! I taught English for two years in Slovakia after my first degree and love that part of the world. I think Prague just might be my favourite European city.

  4. Thanks for the reminder about The Julian Chapter. I'd forgotten! I'd like to incorporate Skype visits in my Children's and Adolescent Lit courses next year. It's always nice to learn how to do new things and to be able to learn from people outside the classroom.

  5. Love hearing about your time with Kate Messner. Any time I've talked with her or heard her speak, I am in awe. So nice that your students had that opportunity, Holly. And your mission trip sounds awesome, & how nice that your friends rearranged the trip for you. Happy Mother's Day to you. Happy to hear about your Teacher Appreciation week, too.

  6. Skype visits are ao awesome and most authors are very generous. I forgot to celebrate teacher appreciation week. We had lots of food. I love your inspire plaque.
    So exciting about your upcoming mission trip. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Lots of great celebrations this week Holly. I have heard so many great things about Kate Messner - what a treat for your kids! What a summer you will have on that mission trip! I am sure you will have many stories to write! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  8. It's great when authors are accommodating of classrooms! Your summer trip sounds awesome! Wonder continues to still be all the rage in our store.