Sunday, May 25, 2014

Digilit Sunday - Kidblog

      I love that Margaret Simon has started a Sunday Link Up for posts about digital literacy at her blog to challenge us to share our technology journeys.  
I have been wanting to start blogs with all my students for a while now, and I just wasn't getting to it.  I finally decided now was the time!  This past weekend I stayed up late and got them all created and linked.  I decided to splurge on the upgrade so the kids could make their own themes, and I could add all 60 students.  I'll also have 31 incoming 5th graders, so I will add them in the fall.  My current 5th graders will be coming back to me next year as 6th graders, so I thought blogs would be the perfect way to keep in touch and keep writing over the summer.  I chose  When I told them about it this week, they were THRILLED!  My first blog post challenged them to blog once a week, giving them the suggestions of doing a "It's Monday!  What Are You Reading?" post and/or a Slice of Life.  Here are some of the comments I received to my introductory blog post:
AbbyF AbbyF Will do! Thanks for the blog! I really appreciate it, and I accept your challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler Tyler Thank you so much!
I’ve always wanted to be a blogger,
and now I am!
I am so excited about having my
own blog and can’t wait to get started!
Payton Payton Thanks!
I’ve always wanted to have my own blog!
Bobby Bobby Thank you Mrs. Mueller for the blogs, it is really cool! It was very nice of you to set this up for us.
Mekenna Mekenna I am super exited about this and thank you for doing this for us!!!! :)
Sierra Sierra Dear Mrs. Mueller,
First off, I’d like to thank you again for going through all the trouble to make these blogs for us! And second, I can only hope that my blog becomes a big of a hit as yours! Thanks a bunch!
Your bookworm,
  Don't you love the excitement?!  I think they got so excited because I've been sharing my blogging journey with them since I had them in 4th grade.  We've had a classroom blog that I made on where I've posted classroom news.  They know all the ways blogs can be a positive and thoughtful force in the world.  I talked to them about the responsibility public writing and social media brings with it.  They were very receptive to that message and understood their blogs should never be used for negative purposes.  Lots of posts have already gone up, and I'm enjoying seeing the many topics they've chosen to explore.  We also had a talk about making sure they comment on each other's posts and start conversations.  It will be fun to help the kids develop their blog writing. Now they have a place to join in on the Slice of Life Classroom Challenge next year!


  1. Can the current 6th graders do it as well? I was so excited when I saw this post!

    1. Aaron - I'd be happy to add any current 6th graders who would like to blog. :-) Stop by next week!

  2. I am as thrilled as your students about their new blogs. Last year kidblog didn't charge for the uniques themes, so some of the students I had last year were able to keep their themes.
    I will link up your kidblog on our blogroll and encourage my kids to welcome yours. We are out of school now and it is yet to be seen how many will take the summer challenge. I made it optional.
    Thanks for sharing and linking up today.
    In other news, I will be presenting at NCTE. Any chance you are going?

  3. Is your kidblog public yet? If so, Tweet me the link. Thanks.

    1. Hmmm. I don't think I made it public. I was thinking it was safer not to. What do you think?

    2. This is what I do: I start the year off with the blog being private. Then when Slice of Life rolls around, I open up that site as public. The public site allows us to connect with other classes. I send home permission forms. If you want these for models, I can email them to you. My email is margaretsmn at gmail dot com.

    3. I like this idea - I was actually thinking about the Slice of Life as a time when I could take them public. I'll e-mail you! :-)

  4. Hurray for all your student enthusiasm for blogging! Fun that you've had these kids for multiple years. Community helps.

    Margaret, I like hearing your thinking on taking the blogs public.

  5. I just finished my third year of using kidblog! Each group has been so different. I recommend making it public so that friends and family can view and comment. My kids have to earn their blogs. They have to pass their internet safety lessons and sign a tech agreement in the fall. We practice using paper blogs for comments. I would recommend signing up for Quadblog! You will get linked with three other classes around the world. Many of my kids continue to blog during the summer. Best of luck! It will revolutionize writing in your classroom!