Saturday, July 19, 2014

Celebration Saturday

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 I'm so happy that Ruth Ayres started a Celebrate Link-Up on her blog!!!  I will be joining the celebration every Saturday!!
1.  We continued to celebrate Mom's 70th birthday.  Her actual day was on Thursday, so her friends of 45 years, who dub themselves The Cuties, planned a lunch at Malone's in Lexington, which is a central place where we can all meet.  I rode down with two of her friends, one friend picked up my aunt in Knoxville, and then picked up my mom and another friend in Somerset.  We all met up at Barnes & Noble first, where we had coffee, started a marathon chat session, and I bought books. Then we went to Malone's where our server kept us laughing, and we enjoyed delicious salads and an amazing birthday dessert.  I have my own wonderful group of friends that I've known since high school and college, and I saw ourselves in the smiling faces of my mom's friends.  Long-lasting friendships are something wonderful to celebrate!
My mom (bottom left, her sister to her left, The Cuties, and me)

My mom, me, Aunt Jan
2.  The Warren County Fair is always something to celebrate.  I love seeing all the kids and their projects.  They work hard all year to bring their animals, sewing, art, science projects, talents, recipes, gardening, etc. for people to judge and enjoy.  I hope 4-H continues forever!  By now you know I love the poultry barn.  I also love to see all the other livestock and the horses. 
Holly Mueller's photo. Holly Mueller's photo.
Some of my favorite chickens found in the poultry barn.
Photo: A little wisdom from the horse barn at the Warren County Fair...
I found this little gem of a saying in the horse barn!
3.  I'm sure you've already seen this, but Christopher Lehman came out with some pretty exciting news about his newest project.  This is something to celebrate! 
Off to read all of your celebrations!


  1. The Educator Collaborative is AMAZING!! Something worthy to celebrate!! I love that your mom's birthday celebration continues!! Happy Birthday to her!!

  2. I feel so out of the loop just missing five days. I did see Chris Lehman's announcement. So exciting! Just love the sound of Warren County Fair. And celebrating your mom is special! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Friends of 45 years--that is something to aspire to!

  4. Holly~
    Your post bring a personal and professional smile to my face! I have a group of friends side age 12, we still get together regularly despite the miles! It so nice to always join in conversation like we 've never been apart! These are the friendship we should hold tight and dear! A professional smile for Chris' announcement!
    Thanks for sharing~

  5. Your mom's celebration sounds perfect. It's so sweet that she still has friends to celebrate with at age 70. I am so excited about the Educator Collaborative as well. I think it will be great!

  6. The Cuties sounds awesome, as does The Educator Collaborative! I'm seeing lots of connections being celebrated this week! Yay!

  7. Thanks for sharing the chicken photos. I used to have a small backyard flock and I miss my ladies. Love seeing the beautiful fancies!

  8. Thanks for posting the Chris Lehman video, I had not seen that - saw the teasers but never the official announcement!

  9. Wow to have friends for 45 years! Amazing and wonderful. Happy Birthday to your mom. And the 4-H stuff sounds like fun.