Friday, September 19, 2014

Poetry Friday

     I have recently connected with Carol Varsalona online through Twitter and blogging. We have been participating in several of the same memes.  She is creative, thoughtful, and smart.  I love making these meaningful connections through social media and the blogosphere!   This week she unveiled a project she's been working on, and I'm delighted to be a part of it.  I had this poem on a previous Poetry Friday post, but it's fun to see it framed and included in Carol's project.  Take a look at her Summer Serenity Gallery in order to enjoy some amazing poetry and photography.  There are several Poetry Friday folks featured!  Be sure to peruse the gallery and bring back the serenity and joys of summer.  OH, how I miss summer already! 

Hop on over to Amy's blog for the Poetry Roundup today!


  1. Holly, I was so delighted to see that you not only included your fascinating, detailed-filled poem about Prague but asked others to visit the Summer Serenity Gallery today. I am humbled and grateful for your remarks and happy that we found each other through Twitter since we share similar interests.

  2. "a city wearing history on its sleeve"
    What a wonderful marriage of poem and picture here too.
    Happy Poetry Friday...and happy fall!

    1. Yes - happy fall! My favorite season, even though summer sure was nice! :-)

  3. I remember this poem! The layout complements it nicely.

  4. I remember this poem, too! Love the new window dressing. = )

  5. Happy that you shared this wonderful poem, Holly. What a special trip you had this summer.

  6. Holly, I loved this poem the first time, and it looks terrific all framed in red copper!

  7. Cyber connections are wonderful. I remember your poem and the rich feelings of your trip. The image takes me there again.