Thursday, September 4, 2014

Spiritual Journey Thursday - Steal My Show

Every Thursday, I explore different aspects of my spiritual journey, and I ask anyone else who would also like to write about their spiritual journeys to link up below.  I've learned so much from the posts of those who share their thoughts.
     Last week, on the way to school, I was listening to our local Christian radio station, 93.3.   It is a  great, positive radio station - it's gotten me through some hard times in the past.  I don't listen to it every day, but it seems like when I do, there is a message for me. That morning, tobyMac's new song came on, "Steal My Show."  I loved the lyrics and connected it to a story my pastor told the Sunday before about a friend of his who put a hidden message on all his work documents that abbreviated the mantra, "To the Glory of God alone." 
"Not to us, Lord, not to us
but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness." - Psalm 115:1
     This idea is so against our culture.  We put athletes and movie stars on pedestals.  We put all kinds of ideals on pedestals: youth, thinness, wealth, new technology, fitness, prestigious education, sports, food, and on and on.  We put ourselves on pedestals.  We tend to get absorbed in our own thoughts, anxieties, control issues, worries, jealousies, insecurities, vanity, pride, and on and on.  If we would only step back and let God steal the show.  He could do it so much better than any of us.  Now that the school year has begun and my daughters are off at college, I think about the possibilities of how much He could do if I turn all that over to Him without trying to snatch it back.  To the Glory of God alone.  Go ahead, God, steal my show!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a music video yet, but I found the lyrics:


  1. It's so true, " If we would only step back and let God steal the show. He could do it so much better than any of us." I know it & I believe it...I often don"t live it! Thanks for the TobyMac video. LOVED it!

  2. Thank you for the reminder that it's not our show -- but one that belongs to God. I agree, society puts a lot of focus on things that aren't really that important! I'm excited to hear the song!

  3. This is a wonderful theme for this week. Our sermon this week was about blessed be God in all things. My post is a poem based on that and my own experiences this week in which I praise Him. This little round up means a lot to me. It makes me pay attention.