Sunday, November 2, 2014

Celebration Saturday (On Sunday) and DigiLit Sunday - Celebrating with Digital Tools

I'm combining my weekend link-ups into one today.  Thank you to Maragaret Simon and Ruth Ayres for encouraging us to explore digital literacy (Margaret) and celebrate (Ruth).  I'm going to celebrate WITH digital tools today!
     My favorite social media site is Facebook, and it was the source for some of the ideas for this post.  First, I came across my daughter, Libby's, friend's monthly celebration YouTube post.  I love her October one because it has a snippet of Libby and Jamie's engagement (at 35 sec) and I love the song!  I also love when Libby's fiancé's twin brother cheers after giving her a hug.  So sweet!  Wouldn't a monthly video of celebration moments be a great way to keep focus on the positive?  I'm thinking of trying it out for my classroom celebrations, featuring things my students do.  Enjoy this happy group's video...
     The second video that inspired this post was also because of Jordan!  Her friend posted a Flipagram video for her birthday (Happy Birthday today, Jordan), and I was curious about the app.  I experimented with it, and it is super easy and fun.  I made my own celebration video in about 5 minutes! I could see my students using this app for all sorts of things.

     I'm also celebrating Picture Book Month!  Check out Mr. Schu's Mock Caldecott list he and Colby Sharp are reading with their students this month.  Mr. Schu is the pioneer of sharing book trailers, another wonderful celebration digital tool!  I'm excited to join in on the Sharp-Schu November Twitter Book Club since I am a HUGE fan of Aaron Becker.  John and Colby's Twitter Book Clubs are a great way to celebrate books!  Did you also notice Mr. Schu's digital flyer?  I need to check out Smore next!  It may be a cool way to spread the word on our upcoming #ReadWalkWater day on Friday (more on that next week).
     Speaking of book trailers, Animoto is a great tool for your students to make them.  Thanks to David Etkin, my students have made wonderful book trailers.  I need to make new accounts for my fifth graders this year and get them started on them.  Take a look at this blog post and this one to see my students' work on this fun celebration digital tool.
     What other tools do you use to celebrate?


  1. I'm glad you combined your celebration with DigiLit Sunday today. I celebrate PowToon and thank you for the inspiration. Now I've gotta look into Flipagram. My students and I love creating videos and what better excuse do we need than to celebrate. I think this would make a great idea for our Thanksgiving preparation.

  2. Love the idea of a video celebration! I may try it in November......

  3. Holly, what a great idea to combine the posts. I think I might have to do that because I can't keep up with the writing, consulting, my association's newsletter, and life in general. I really enjoyed the energy and excitement of the video presentations. Thanks for sending your Finding Fall poem.

  4. So many terrific ideas in this post, Holly, & I just smiled at the videos-love seeing all the happy faces. Thanks for the shout out to so many different things!