Sunday, February 1, 2015

DigiLit Sunday - Kidblog and FOCUS Moments

      I love that Margaret Simon has started a Sunday Link Up for posts about digital literacy at her blog to challenge us to share our technology journeys.
     Last week, I asked advice about whether or not to make my students' Kidblog Slices of Life posts public.  After "polling" my PLN, my students, and their parents, the overwhelming majority said, "YES!"  So....drumroll, is a link.  Not all the posts are Slices of Life, so be sure you read the ones titled "SOL" or "Slice of Life."  They'd love to read comments from you, so if you have time, please give them some feedback.  Some of my students were a little nervous about having their blogs go out to the public, so I'd love for them to be reassured that their writing is appreciated.

     Not long after I chose my One Little Word, FOCUS, Michelle Haseltine gave me a great idea.  She suggested that I take a photo every day of something related to my #OLW and post it on Instagram.  I loved that idea and have posted at least one a day.  I decided to put all the January photos together using Flipagram to showcase them.  I'm going to try to keep this up.  One of my daughter's college friend's, Jordan, does this with a video every month.  She captures a little something on video from every day of the month and puts them together on YouTube using an app. Then she posts them to Facebook at the end of each month.  I look always look forward to them!  This would be fun for teachers to capture classroom moments, or kids to adapt to their own OLWs.  I enjoy that students follow me on Instagram.  I'm careful about what I post there because I know they're following; I sneak in A LOT of book recs!   I don't follow them, at least not right now, but I loved Katherine Sokolowski's thoughts on that.  Here is my January Flipagram:


  1. Love your video. I just looked through my phone and even though I wasn't doing this on purpose, I may be able to do a slide share about Reach. Maybe for Thursday. Thanks for the idea. Off to read some blogs. I'll put your site on our blogroll so my students can read and comment, too.

  2. OK, I am soooo embarrassed because my digilit post is very similar to your post. Hahaha! I gave you credit though. Sigh...oh Michelle! Hey, I am going to share your student blogs with my sixth graders tomorrow. Get ready for some awesome comments. If they want to comment on our blogs, you can find them on the blogroll at my class blog: Look for our comments tomorrow...unless there's snow. Thanks for introducing me to Flipagram!

    1. Ha!! That's ok, Michelle. ;-) I'm glad you were inspired to make your own Flipagram! Isn't it easy and fun?!

  3. That's so great Thank you for the idea. I think I'll start taking pics of my OLW. It'll keep me focused on how much I keep it with me. This is a great post.

  4. Reading your post and Michelle's was perfect! Love the media tool to showcase your world!