Sunday, February 22, 2015

DigLlit Sunday - Using Padlet on Snow Days and SOLSC

      I love that Margaret Simon has started a Sunday Link Up for posts about digital literacy at her blog to challenge us to share our technology journeys.
     I wrote about using Padlet for reading responses on a previous DigiLit Sunday post, but seeing Katherine Hale's Facebook post (I was excited to meet Katherine in person for the first time yesterday at the Dublin Literacy Conference) about using it on a snow day gave me inspiration!  It was really fun to connect with the kids after days being away from them.  One parent even joined in on the fun.  I was happy to see there were lots of kids reading and writing during that time.  I was also happy to see they were having fun, too. :-)  As soon as I sent the e-mail to the kids and parents asking them to write on the Padlet wall, posts started appearing!
      Like Margaret, I'm excited for the Slice of Life Story Challenge that starts a week from today!  I will be participating for the second year, and my class will participate in the Classroom Challenge for the first time.  Last year, I wrote all my slices about childhood memories.  I liked having a theme topic to focus on, so I'm trying to come up with a focus this year.  I have a couple ideas, but haven't narrowed it down completely.  I hope to have an epiphany before next Sunday!
      I hope to see you there!



  1. I love seeing how your students posted on the Padlet. We are still in the PC age. No ipads or wifi, so I'm not sure we could use Padlet. Do you want to connect some students for SOLC? I have 3 5th graders and 3 6th graders. (And this is 2 schools!) We could email about specifics. Thanks for linking up.

  2. I've had trouble getting Padlet to work properly for me. Every time I think I'm saving something to my wall (is that what I call it) on Padlet, it disappears. {Sigh.}

  3. Padlet is so much fun but I often forget to use it in PD sessions. Will you and your students participate in Winter Whisperings. I am trying to collect offerings so I can start to design the site. Please consider this Holly.