Thursday, April 2, 2015

#MustReadin2015 Update in Poetry


 This should be interesting!  I'm going to attempt to update my #MustReadin2015 progress in a poem so I can address both link ups today!


The year began with reading, reading, reading
as a Cybils Award judge,
honored to be chosen
and ready to work with a team
of readers.
We read about an endearing
Filthy McNasty and his twin brother,
his story told in verse.
Making sense of personal tragedy
in The Crossover.
Maggie told her own story
in her funny, poignant, and smart
of growing up with a father
diagnosed with MS in The Meaning of Maggie.
Fourteen-year-old Victoria
makes competition her main goal,
taking risks with her Ice Dogs
that almost cost her her life,
and learns to reconcile differences
with her mother.
Think you're only going to read 
about potty humor in
Death By Toilet Paper?
Think again.
You may laugh at the toilet paper trivia, but
you've got a story
full of heart.  Benjamin
will break yours.
Take a trip to Mumbai
to put pieces of the puzzle 
together with thirteen-year-old
She has to find out who her father
really is in Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood.
The delicious
All Four Stars started with a bang
when Gladys Gatsby almost 
burnt the house down
torching her Creme Brulee
while her parents are gone.
Her antics get her a spot
as a tough restaurant critic 
in New York.
And she's only in sixth grade.
Our winner,
Nickel Bay Nick
starred a juvenile delinquent
who finds his way
after meeting a guardian angel
of sorts.
A great read aloud
in Duke,
a war dog lent
to the Dogs for Defense
during WWII.
Hobie tries everything
to get him back,
but finally realizes the hero
that Duke is, and ultimately
finding the hero
in himself.
And finally,
Ally teaches us
that everyone learns differently
and has something to offer.
Great minds DON'T think alike
in Fish in a Tree.
Nine out of 35 read;
lots more to go.
Onto Threatened while
on vacation
under the cabana.


  1. Great job with meeting the challenge of two link ups! I've read about 80% of these books and you hit the highs perfectly in verse! I'm going to look into Nickel Bay Nick and Threatened!

  2. Great way to combine posts. That's what #digipoetry is all about, experimenting and thinking outside the box, or rather thinking in poems.

  3. What a great idea. You are super creative. :) The Crossover and Fish in a Tree are two that really stood out to me. (didn't mean to rhyme)

  4. Brilliant way to do an update with your #Mustreadin2015 list. So creative!

  5. So cool. I love the poem about the books you have read. I hope you will link up with our Literacy Musing Mondays. Here is the link for the week:

  6. I've loved a lot of those books, too, Holly. You crafted the poem of all the reading beautifully. I have loved Threatened & Endangered, both wonderful stories with such interesting information about the primates. Thanks!

  7. That's awesome Holly! Loved it :)
    Enjoy Threatened. That Eliot Schrefer is a brilliant one.

  8. That - was impressive!!
    I want to hear more about the vacation and the cabana! I am so ready for warm weather and books!

  9. Holy Crow! That is some list of books and some amazing way to present them!

  10. This is so much fun! Most unique update. Amazing reading!

  11. Fantastic post! Great stroll down CYBILS memory lane!

  12. Ah, Holly, when I read your introduction I couldn't help but laugh out loud! My, how we multitask!
    You've got some great titles there. I'm definitely going to have to add Nickel Baby Nick to my TBR list-- how have I not even heard of that?? Thanks, and congratulations on having made such progress on your list!

  13. Attempted. Accomplished! Amazing!

  14. Very impressive report! :) I too loved Maggie, Death By Toilet Paper, and Fish in a Tree. Happy reading!