Friday, May 1, 2015

Poetry Friday - Student Vocabulary Poems


      Several weeks I go, I crafted my own vocabulary poem using Kwame Alexander's The Crossover as a mentor text.  You can read that post here.  This week, my students wrote their own.  They could choose any word.  Most of them used my idea and wrote about their OLWs.  Here are some of the results:

Smile noun


A change of facial expression in which the eyes brighten
and the corners of the mouth curve slightly upward.

As in: When life buries
you in sorrow
and stress
don't forget to smile.

As in: You're never fully dressed
without a smile.

As in: A singe smile can change
everyone's attitude.

As in: Give me a good reason
not to smile!

- Mackenzie

In-di-vid-u-al  adj

(in-duh-vij-oo-uh l)

Having a special quality.

As in: Not everyone
is the same, each
person is very

As in: Josh and 
JB are not like
each other at all;
they each are very 
individual from
each other.

As in: I am so
glad that I am
individual and
not like any other
person in this world.

- Morgan

Con-fi-dence  noun

(kon-fi-duh ns)

A feeling of trust or belief.

As in: I ran up on the stage
afraid, scared, and worried;
I needed confidence
to finish the speech.

As in: If I ever
want to do something
with my life,
I need confidence.

As in: Why can't I
have confidence
to go up
and say my speech?

- Maya

Pos-i-tive adj


Emphasizing what is hopeful or good; constructive.

As in:  I need to stop
paying attention
to the negative and focus
more on the positive.

As in: the positive
is that the sun is out;
the negative is that it is 
too hot to play outside.

As in:  Some people are naturally
positive, but others
are not.
Trying not to be
negative is the
positive thing
to do.

- Celia

Su-per-her-o noun


A fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman

As in: I am 
a fan of superhero

As in: My favorite
Marvel superhero
is Captain
America.  Because Steve Rogers was
just like me.

As in: I'm considered
a nerd because I'm
a big superhero 
fan, and I'm a
believer that superheroes
are real.

- Wyatt

Com-po-sure noun

(kuh m-poh-zher)

Calmness, especially of mind, manner, or appearance.

As in: JB had great composure
when he made the shot
to cut Josh's locks.  He didn't lose focus.

As in: Josh lost his composure
when he threw the ball at
JB's face.  He had no presence
of mind.

As in: Josh had great composure
when he decided 
to perform CPR on his dad.
He did not hesitate.

- Carson

The Poetry Roundup today is supposed to be at Space City Scribes, so hop on over there! 


  1. I love the vocabulary poems. So fun to see your students' poems. It makes me want to try one with my OLW.

  2. We have got to do this before the year ends. I'll use some of your students' poems as mentor texts. Gotta get through another week of testing first. Ugh!

  3. These are FABULOUS! (And I love yours, too!) Isn't it amazing what the right mentor text can bring out of writers?!?! (Hat tip to Kwame!!)