Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Slice of Life - An Elaborate Lesson Plan

I love participating in Slice of Life, started by Two Writing Teachers and writing a story, reflection, or musing at least once a week.
Sometimes it takes eight months to write, execute, and assess an elaborate lesson plan.
The big day has come and gone.
No, I'm not really talking about a lesson plan, but my cousin, Russ (he's a teacher, too), compared the wedding to an elaborate lesson plan.  As I was describing how I felt about how it went, he brilliantly used this analogy.  You write and plan it, tweak/improvise/adjust it as it's being executed, and analyze it afterward for what worked and what you could have done better.  I laughed, and we both said the idea could be written as a blog post.  Here we go...
Objective: To join together a man and woman forever
Lesson Structure:
Create mood with prelude/entrance songs,  procession, and mothers light the individual candles of the unity candle set - dramatic and emotional bride/father of the bride walk down the aisle
Statement and affirmation of objective
Review of relationship
Build background knowledge by greeting and introducing family and friends,  telling stories that demonstrate bride and groom's personalities
Lecture on how to make a successful marriage
Hands on participation activity: sing song and say prayer together, promise to support bride and groom
Agree to apply objective with rings
Celebrate completion of objective with applause, embracing, and high fives
Share what is learned while exiting room
Key Vocabulary: cherish, God, vow, unity, affirmation, scripture, Colossians, First John,  homily, family, joy, radiance, declaration, intent, gift, marriage, pronouncement, Mr., Mrs., benediction, blessing, toast, postlude, reception
Informal - smiles and photographs showing joy and love
Formal - toasts, dinner, fellowship, laughing, conversation, eating, and dancing to demonstrate understanding of the union
Materials: perfect venues, sunny and warm day, gorgeous wedding dress (and dress for reception), veil, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, heels, flowers, bouquets, boutonnieres, ring pillow (did we forget to give it to the ring bearer?), microphone for ceremony, rings, unity candle set (don't forget the taper candle holders), sunflower centerpieces for patio, seating charts, place cards, toasting glasses, navy napkins, yellow chair bows and ivory chair coverings, gold utensils and china, lamp centerpieces, ivory table skirts, card box, gift table, DJ table, garter, throwaway bouquet for bouquet toss (don't forget to figure out where it is), cake, corsages, flat shoes for dancing, marriage license, bridesmaids gifts, camera, champagne, prayers, tissues, touch up makeup for after tears, programs, notes for toasts, cake, family, friends (old and new), sparklers for exit (make sure bride and groom exit out correct doors), presence of God, and everlasting love
This song sung by Chris Pipes, friend of the bride and groom, at the ceremony - it resulted in the bridesmaids singing along, making the lesson more memorable...
Present this photo of evidence of learning...


  1. Clever writing- too true! I loved your detail and analogies.

  2. Then there's the long-term assessment: the marriage that lasts through the years!

  3. Love this, Holly. I've enjoyed every picture you've posted, & now this lesson is so right. I love the 'background' knowledge. Fun, fun! Always a teacher, right?

  4. A perfect structure for this slice! And a gorgeous bride in a gorgeous dress! And a cute groom! Congratulations to all!

  5. Holly, this is such a feel-good post at the end-of-the-year that showcases the wonder of union. I love this line from the song, "and the world folds into His light." Every part of the wedding seemed to have folded into the light of the Lord. The sun shone bright allowing blessings to pour from the sky. Tell Russ that his perspective was perfect.

  6. This is a great way to capture the wedding experience. So many blessings between the lines. Cheers to the happy couple!

  7. Perfect structure! What joy this day brought and will continue to bring joy into your family.

  8. I found myself smiling while I read your post. I enjoyed seeing the pictures on FB, and now this. Very creative! Congratulations to the new couple (and to Mom and Dad too). :)

  9. What a lesson plan! Wow!
    The singing must have been so moving.
    Sweet photo.

  10. Great Slice Holly! As I was reading the Materials list, I was thinking "I hope she remembers " and then, of course, you had it listed. However, I would've had champagne VERY close to the top! Heartfelt CONGRATS! !

  11. Such a creatively wonderful post. I love the evidence! How in the world did she walk in those shoes!