Thursday, June 18, 2015

Spiritual Journey Thursday - Laughter

     I look forward to Thursdays when I can publish thoughts on my spiritual journey and hear the thoughts of others on a weekly theme topic.  It has become a space for an encouraging and fortifying community to come together.  We welcome anyone who would like to join us!
This week's theme topic is LAUGHTER.
Before I go on, I want to celebrate Spiritual Journey Thursday's one year anniversary!  It was one year ago this week that I started writing about my own spiritual journey and threw out the idea to start a link up for others to join me in the journey.  The following week, a community was born.  I've been so privileged to be a part of this community, and I love that it continues to grow!
Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.” Psalm 126:2
A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22
     I have to admit that the couple of weeks that have followed Libby's wedding have been somewhat of a letdown.  I was going through withdrawal!  The eight months of planning, anticipating, and excitement were suddenly over, and I was a little sad.  The celebrations leading up to and including the wedding were some of the happiest occasions of my life.  I was filled with joy over the union of my daughter and now son-in-law because of who they are and what God has done and will do with the two of them. I love Jamie's family, too, and the gathering of the two families and their/our friends was just wonderful.  There was much laughter, many smiles (and a few happy tears), and lots of thanksgiving surrounding Libby and Jamie throughout this year. 
     However, I was a bit melancholy following it.  It didn't help that immediately following the festivities, we had to begin preparing our house to put on the market, and the preparation is a pain - not nearly as fun as planning a wedding!  Yesterday, my devotional (I have the Jesus Calling app) reminded me that God wants us "to enjoy your life lightheartedly" by trusting Him.  I needed to get over my funk and remember that joy and laughter belong to ordinary days, too, not just the extraordinary.  Laughter can be found in normal routines, small gatherings with friends,  sitting down to a good book or meal, and even cleaning the house. 
     I love to laugh and have fun, and I have a family and friends who love it, too.  I know Libby and Jamie will have many years of laughter together. Laughter is such a blessing, and I'm so happy that we worship a God who rejoices in it. 



  1. I am not surprised you had a post wedding let down. The build up and the event itself are full of energy. You need the let down. Does that make sense? It's certainly not as much fun, though. I do not envy the packing up and moving. There are few joys in packing. I hate moving. Even when I had to pack and move my classroom at the end of the year, I had a negative attitude. I hope you can talk and laugh yourself through this funk.

  2. Holly, despite your let down feeling, you should be pleased by the gift you gave the community today. Laughter builds a world of sunshine and that is what I have found reading Michelle's post and creating mine. Now, I see Libby's picture again and note the sure joy of happiness & what laughter brings. Your quotes are a perfect compliment so know that the down feelings are experienced by many after the build up to the celebration of life.

  3. First of all...A YEAR?!?! WOW!!! Happy Year Anniversary to all of us! Thank you for your commitment to this weekly post! This school year has been so hectic, I've miss a lot, but I'm back. I missed posting and reading on those weeks I missed. After weddings can be such a tough time of change and quiet compared to the months of joy and anticipation. I agree with Margaret, it's needed. Moving. Sigh...a whole nother change. Best of luck with the move! I know it will be great!

  4. Your idea of blogging was an important one -- you've made a difference in many lives! That is certainly a cause for celebration! I haven't experienced a wedding of one of my own children yet, but I understand what you describe as a letdown. I feel it at Christmas -- the excitement, the parties, the planning, the beautiful lights and special worship traditions --then it's over. I imagine it's only a slice of what you are experiencing. I like that you are reflecting upon that . . . finding the joy in life. I love the picture you posted! It's beautiful, pure, and honest. I hope that laughter infects you whenever you see it. :)

  5. What an emotional time for you. The highs of a wedding and the roller coaster ride of preparing for a move. Going through the purging process for our move, I can tell you that there will be opportunities for laughter and reliving happy moments. I vowed not to move anything unnecessary into our new home so I am taking one last look inside the many boxes moved from one home to the next without being opened until now. I am discovering a joy filled past and many wonderful memories recaptured in those boxes. You will discover them too.

  6. What a ride you have been on! I've stopped by and read Thursday posts over the year (!). I've sat beside your community and enjoyed. Congratulations on the year milestone and the wedding! I can imagine how after all the planning and excitement, back to "normal" might be a bit difficult. Now moving? Lots of emotions. Knowing your spirit you will find much laughter and joy in your next steps.

  7. Thank you for gathering people together for your spiritual journey.
    Your stories help others!

  8. And to invite others to join and share their journey as well! Thank you. I enjoy reading them.