Thursday, June 25, 2015

Spiritual Journey Thursday - Your story, God's story

     I look forward to Thursdays when I can publish thoughts on my spiritual journey and hear the thoughts of others on a weekly theme topic.  It has become a space for an encouraging and fortifying community to come together.  We welcome anyone who would like to join us!
This week's theme topic is YOUR STORY, GOD'S STORY.
     I chose this theme this week because I'm co-leading an upcoming online class through our church, Lebanon Presbyterian, with a friend, Nina, on the book, Epic: The Story God is Telling.  I'm really excited about it because it's the first time the Adult Education Committee on which I serve will be trying a virtual class.  We thought summer would be a great opportunity for one since a lot of people have a hard time committing to our summer classes due to travel plans.  If anyone in the Spiritual Journey community would like to join us, you are welcome!  I've started a separate blog for it, which will "go live" this Sunday; all you need is the book, which is on Amazon for $2.99!  Watch for the link to the class blog on my Facebook page and Twitter.
     I've written about Epic before on SJT here.  In that blog post, I focused on the theme topic, the ADVENTURE OF STORY because it was Libby's OLW.   It was part of my March Slice of Life Challenge about What I Know for Sure.  In that blog post and on Goodreads, I included my favorite passage from John Eldredge's book, which is all about God's narrative, and our part in it:
"Jack will come to rescue Rose. William Wallace will rise up to rescue Scotland. Luke Skywalker will rescue the princess and then the free peoples of the universe. Nemo's father rescues him. Nathaniel rescues beautiful Cora - not just once, but twice. Neo breaks the power of the Matrix and sets a captive world free. Aslan comes to rescue Narnia. I could name a thousand more. Why does every great story have a rescue? Because yours does." 
     We certainly do need a rescuer.  We are flawed, broken, and desperate for a Savior.  I can't imagine life without one.  One of the things I love about getting older is the confidence that comes with knowing I am part of a bigger story.  I'm not saying I never worry or get anxious and upset about things, but I am definitely aware that all things work out for good, and there is an Author who is writing a great masterpiece.  I have a part in it.  Countless times I've looked back on my life after something "went wrong," seeing that it eventually turned out right.  I'm enjoying watching my daughters realize the same thing.  To know that life isn't just random, chaotic, or careless makes it so much more joyful. 
     Because of the church class, I'm going to be taking a break from Spiritual Journey Thursdays on this blog for a while.  I'll be back here in August, so watch for it and store up your spiritual stories!  In the meantime, I know you're all in good hands with the Master Storyteller.
Facebook post by Ann Voskamp - read her blog post, Stay in the Story


  1. I read the theme as being about God's plan. Not sure I got it right. I wrote from the place I am right now. My mother-in-law is experiencing pain. We are still in the process of finding out what it is and what to do about it. My prayer has been for God to be with us. I have no confidence in an overall plan. Sorry. I believe we find our way through when God is at our core. We find reason through God.
    Good luck with your class. I'll miss Spiritual Thursdays and may write anyway.

    1. You got the theme right - I think the idea of a bigger story going on is the same as a plan. It's okay that we disagree. One of us might be wrong, but I think at our core we agree that God is good, and we need Him.

  2. Holly, the songs I found for SPJ really touched my heart as did this topic. When I first read about the 7/6 project of telling my life story, I thought how could I wrap my life around 7 thoughts of 6 words each. The Master Storyteller was there to help me reflect. In life, the path was not a straight one to my "destinations" and i had to learn that all happens in God's time.

  3. A virtual class for summer is a perfect solution for everyone's crazy schedules. Enjoy! I'll miss reading your SJT posts, but will look forward to your return in August. I love the quote you shared-gratitude for our rescuer fills my heart. Thanks for this weekly pause.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful book! How exciting for you to be leading an on-line class!

    So thankful for our Rescuer.

  5. This sounds like a great study. I will check it out. I will miss the linkup. I hope you have a wonderful summer and Bible study time.