Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Slice of Life - A Different Thanksgiving

I love participating in Slice of Life, started by Two Writing Teachers and writing a story, reflection, or musing once a week.
Florida Sunset
     It was a much different Thanksgiving this year.  Both my parents and Ed's parents live in Florida now, and last year it was sad because we didn't see them for either holiday, Thanksgiving nor Christmas.  They don't like to leave the warmth now that they're there, and I don't blame them!  This year, my parents invited us down for Thanksgiving, so we asked our girls if they wanted to join us.  Katie had been invited to join her boyfriend's family on their trip to see extended family in Pennsylvania, and Libby and Jamie decided to stay in Ohio.  Libby is working, and Jamie is in law school, so they were hesitant to travel over a short holiday.  Jamie's family lives in Cincinnati, so they were going to join them for Thanksgiving.  We knew this would happen eventually - they are both growing up!  It's time to share them with other families. ;-)  We are fortunate that we knew they would be in good hands with people who love them, and we're lucky they are both in Columbus, only a short hour and a half away, so that we can see them often.
     So we headed down to Florida without them.  Both sets of parents live less than two hours apart, so we were able to see them both, and now Ed's sister and brother-in-law have joined Ed's parents in The Villages (which we describe as Disney World for seniors or college without the classes), so we spent time with them and our niece as well, which was great.  The weather was spectacular - no wonder they don't want to come up here to Ohio in November or December!  The sunshine was divine, the palms picturesque, and thanks to FaceTime, we were able to talk to Libby, Jamie, Katie, and John on Thanksgiving day - they were all having a great time where they were.  It was a little sad to be spending our first Thanksgiving without them, but it was wonderful to spend it with our parents.  Change is inevitable, and with it brings new traditions, people, places, and norms.  I chose to FOCUS on enjoying the balmy breezes, time with other loved ones, giving God thanks for His many blessings, and knowing I get them at least part of Christmas! ;-)

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  1. I love the way you embraced this change, but I still hear that hint of longing in your voice. I know it well. We have to let them go and be who they are, but in truth we miss them. I was so blessed to have all of my girls this year (along with the fiance'.) It was a wonderful time, but I know all too well how that may change.