Sunday, January 10, 2016

Digilit Sunday - One Little Words with Students


I love that Margaret Simon has started a Sunday Link Up for posts about digital literacy at her blog to challenge us to share our technology journeys.
Margaret is hosting a Digilit Sunday link up on the topic of One Little Words with students.  I teach both 5th and 6th, so my 6th graders are choosing words for the second year in a row.  I asked them to reflect on last year's word, choose a new word and write about it, and create a visual.  They aren't due until Friday, so only a few have blogged about it so far.  It's fascinating to see what they pick!  My 5th graders are just getting on Kidblog, so I won't have them choose a OLW for another week or so.
A new aspect to student OLWs this year is that I'm collaborating with David Etkin.  Our classes are going to be reading and commenting on each other's Kidblog posts on Friday.  We did this once before on our #ReadWalkWater event reflections, and the kids really enjoyed it.  David created the graphic above, so feel free to grab it!  I'll be talking more about how it goes on Friday in next week's link up.
Student post on her OLW:  Maya
I'm sure she'd love comments!
My OLW post can be read here.


  1. Holly,
    Thank you for sharing your students work. Your links take me to such interesting places I forget to get back to you blog and comment. Please know your posts add so much to my thinking and teaching.

  2. Holly,
    I can't wait to hear more about your student OLW projects.