Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Nonfiction Wednesday

I'm excited that Alyson Beecher, at Kid Lit Frenzy, is continuing her Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge for the fifth year in a row.
My goal last year was to read 100 nonfiction books.  I only got to 56. Therefore, I think I'll adjust that goal a bit for 2016.  I'm going  to make a goal of reading 75 nonfiction books.  Here we go!  A few more 2015 titles...
What a great way to creatively teach kids about the fascinating qualities of the fly (Fly is not too happy about Butterfly getting all the attention).  Fly swoops into the classroom to teach the students all about himself.  Jennifer Plecas's whimsical illustrations add to the appeal.  Even I felt a little more generous toward flies than I did before!  Great mentor text to show kids fun, creative ways to inform.
The World in a Second by Isabel Minhos Martins, illustrated by Bernardo P. Carvalho, and translated from Portuguese by Lyn Miller-Lachman
I love books that give you a picture of how we're all connected around the world.  This one, through colorful and bold illustrations, shows us what might be going on any given second in cities across the globe (check out the world map in the back).  I love the thick pages, thick pages, and the way both author and illustrator capture the human condition.
How To Swallow a PIg by Steve Jenkins & Robin Page

I always sound like a broken record when it comes to reviewing Steve Jenkins's and/or Robin Page's books.  They're all wonderful.  This one is especially clever and compelling.  As usually the cut paper collages are detailed and excellent, and the creative way Jenkins and Page give us step by step instructions on animal behaviors is entertaining and fascinating.  They always find ways to show us how amazing the animal kingdom is.  I'd love to see this one win a Sibert!

I'll be back later this week to make my Sibert predictions!


  1. I somehow didn't feel like reading The World in a Second but I may pick it up next time I see it at the library!

  2. I hear you, I'm pretty much assured to love anything by Steve Jenkins, but this one is a particular favourite!

  3. I said the same thing (sort of) about Jenkins and Page titles. Wouldn't it be great to see them win! Their books have HUGE kid appeal.

  4. I just borrowed I Fly from the library and really really looking forward to reading it.

  5. Still need to read I, Fly. I bought How To Swallow A Pig as a gift, but still need to read it! Thanks for reminding me of these to books, Holly!

  6. I don't know these three! I've been behind on my 2015 nonfiction, so thank you for sharing :)