Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Slice of Life - No Shadow!

I love participating in Slice of Life, started by Two Writing Teachers and writing a story, reflection, or musing at least once a week.

The inner circle goes to great ends
To keep me abreast of latest trends
Down in my burrow I never get bored
Riding on my hover board
And I sure have fun flying my drone
But weather forecasting is my comfort zone

Is this current warm weather more than a trend?
Per chance this winter has come to an end?
There is no shadow to be cast,


  1. The weather impacts so much - our moods, our activities. Makes sense to be sky watching and shadow spying!

  2. We eagerly watched the 'brownhog' (as my three year called it) today. Please come, Spring. Please come soon.

  3. We've had very warm weather, until Saturday, & since then, about a foot of snow. I hope that that famous groundhog is right, spring is coming. Wonderful poem.

  4. Love your obsession with the weather. I have weather envy, because we have no weather variation! Hope you get some snow soon to satisfy your longing!

  5. I love the weather too and hope that your unseasonably warm winter does not forebode a sweltering summer for the south. Happy belated Ground Hog's day!

  6. I live in the South (Alabama), and we did have tornado watches in our area last night. We were luckier than Mississippi - nothing happened here, but we're having lots of rain...as I hear water drip from the ceiling in my living room into the trash can below to catch it. I must say, I'm a little obsessed with the weather, too, but I am beginning to think it's just me getting old...because my parents are also obsessed with the weather and that seemed to happen as they grew older:)
    Are We There Yet?

    1. Janie, here in South Louisiana we had a terrible storm last night. My parents who live in Ms. are obsessed with the weather, too. Funny.

  7. Very funny and clever. I hope Phil is right. Although he rarely is.

  8. I hope you like this little snippet. In New Iberia, the newspaper adopted a nutria and named it Pierre C. Shadeaux. Early morning on groundhog's day, children, adults, the mayor, and others join together at the plaza downtown to see what Pierre will do. No shadow. Here that means more winter because who wants spring when the average temp in winter is 60 degrees? They even host an essay contest. It's a small town kind of thing.

  9. The Central Iowans were offended yesterday at our lack of snow we were to get. My thoughts are with my Northern counterparts however. I too, am a little obsessed with weather. (And road conditions, but that might be another blog post.) Here's to an early spring!

  10. I thought I hit the send button but it never came through. Early spring-Yea but winter is happening once again. There are many photo ops outside as much husband reminded me.