Monday, March 28, 2016

Slice of Life Story Challenge - Day 28 - Neighborhood Walks

    It's Day 28 of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge, and I'm writing a goodbye letter to our                                   house in a series of memories since we will be moving in April.
I wasn't able to post while on spring break because of limited Internet, but I'm still going to post a few more March slices.

     I took a walk tonight after getting home from our vacation.  I was thinking about what memory I wanted to write about, and realized that was it!  Walks around our neighborhood.  The above picture was taken last year - my faithful walking buddy, Ben.  I've always been a walker, and this neighborhood provides the perfect route.  If I do the whole thing, it's a little over 3 miles.  Most of it is flat, but there is one good hill that adds a little extra cardio to the routine. 

     There are other walkers and runners in the neighborhood, and that always provides an extra challenge since Ben isn't the best behaved dog on walks.  He pulls on his leash, barking or interested in visiting, and absolutely hates one of the neighbors who runs while pushing a stroller.  Nothing against her, but I dread it when I see her running down the street.  Ben goes berserk!  No matter how many times we pass her, he barks like crazy and tries to run after her.  He does NOT like that stroller! There are a lot of little kids in the neighborhood, so they love to run out and pet Ben as we go by. 

     In one part of the neighborhood, you go past an area where there are strange sounds coming from behind the woods.  Not long after I started hearing them, I asked around, seeing if anyone knew what they were.  Apparently, they're peacocks!  Someone has a peacock farm behind our neighborhood, and boy do they make a racket!  In that part of the neighborhood, I enjoy the tree line behind the houses in the fall.  They turn brilliant colors. 

     It's always enjoyable to see  new homes being built, new neighbors moving in, flowers popping up in spring, Christmas lights going up, blossoms blooming on pear trees and weeping cherries, kids playing in yards,  festive gatherings around graduations and dances, yards turning green after a long winter, or snow-topped roofs and smoke curling up from chimneys.  I wonder how many miles I've walked over the last 11 years?

     At the condo, there is a walking path around the lake.  It's about 3 miles if you walk completely around it - about the same as the walk here.  We've already walked Ben around it a couple times; he's just as obnoxious on those walks!  The scenery is a little different - lots of geese, ducks, and boats.  We look forward to getting to know our new surroundings by walking around that lake!



  1. Ben is quite the character isn't he? But he is so cute? May your new condo walks inspire you as much as your house walks have.

  2. Glad to get another of your memory posts! Happy that you'll have a walking path in your new condo.

  3. Looks too cold for this southern girl. I love taking walks in our neighborhood with Charlie. I trained him early to walk on a leash, but he's also got a people pleasing personality. Ben seems to march to his own beat.

  4. Walking around the lake is going to be wonderful!