Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Slice of Life Story Challenge - Day 9 - The Deck

    It's Day 9 of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge, and I'm writing a goodbye letter to our                                   house in a series of memories since we will be moving in April.

                                                The deck was added in August of 2005

     We're enjoying some warm weather in southwest Ohio right now, so my thoughts turn to our deck, where we enjoy our beautiful backyard.  Most of our lot is actually wooded, so when we're on our back deck, we are surrounded by trees and are in complete privacy.  It was one of the reasons we moved here.  I love sitting on the deck.  I have a view of the bird feeders, foliage, and sky.  At night, that sky is full of stars, and in the summer fireflies blink and bats swoop.  There is a moment in the spring when you realize you hear the peepers for the first time.

     There are lots of times when I enjoy the deck without taking photos.  One of my favorite things is to enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine and a book all by myself.  But we also have many meals out there, quiet conversations, or lay out in the sun.  Katie especially likes to do that!  It's the perfect place, though, for photos.  The backdrop in the fall is full of color, in the summer it's lush and green, with the Rose of Sharon in full bloom (the hummingbirds love that), and in the spring it holds the promise of the sun.  These are only a few of the many pictures we've taken over the years on the deck.  The girls used to take pre-dance pictures out there, it's a favorite for our Friends' Thanksgiving pictures, and one of the last celebrations we had out on the deck was the post-wedding brunch.  We were blessed with a beautiful day!  We were also lucky with great weather for both girls' graduation parties, so people spilled out onto the deck for food and conversation.

      I'm going to miss the woods and the deck of this house, but toward the end of the month, I'll share the view we'll have at our condo.  It's going to be a great place, too, and I suspect, a perfect place for a photo!!

This is one of my favorite times - we were taking our Friends' Thanksgiving picture when Katie Facetimed us from David's Bridal.  Libby had found her wedding dress!
I love the deck for a little R & R!

                                        Last photo on the deck - Friends' Thanksgiving 2015


  1. We added a deck to the back of our home shortly after we bought our house. It's my favorite place. And the last two days, even though the deck furniture isn't out of storage yet, I've pulled a chair out there and enjoyed unusually warm March days in Iowa. It's the best.

  2. Your deck has seen some great times - so many lovely memories!

  3. Your deck has seen some great times - so many lovely memories!

  4. Lots of smiles on that deck! But smiles and good times aren't the place but the people, so I'm positive you will have more smiles to add to your memories when you get to the condo!
    I'm feeling the same way about my front and back views from my writing spot at this house. Wondering if I will find my new spot to my liking when we move later this year.

  5. Holly, Shannon got more than a little sad when she texted me this morning, and noted that when she is home on spring break next week, and we come over on Monday, it will be the last time she'll ever be in your house!!!

  6. Beautiful deck, backdrop and very happy people. We had such a deck at our home which we moved out of last summer. But now I enjoy an enclosed porch and can use it practically year round and it overlooks a pond with a swan. More memories will be made at your new home.

  7. Great deck, even better memories!

  8. I have no doubt you will make many new memories in your new home, but saying goodbye must be difficult. The beauty of love is the balance of joy and loss. Love that you have so many photos to cherish.