Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spiritual Journey Thursday - REJUVENATION

Thursdays were the days when I could publish thoughts on my spiritual journey and hear the thoughts of others on a weekly basis.  It has become a space for an encouraging and fortifying community to come together.  I started SJT about two years ago.  Today, I 've decided to step away from the link up for a while.  I will miss my SJT community, but will still be reading and commenting on blog posts.  I'm not stepping away from my blog all together; I'll continue to post when I can, but it's time for some REJUVENATION.

REJUVENATE:  to give new strength or energy to something

As you may know, we recently downsized and moved into a condominium.  This was a somewhat stressful and grueling process, but now that we're here, we are so happy!  In the move we donated, gave away, sold, and threw away A LOT of stuff.  We feel lighter, freer, and rejuvenated!  This is not to say we don't have a lot to do and even more downsizing to go.  There are still boxes to unpack, a second round of stuff to get rid of (sometimes you have to take it with you and then decide you really don't need/want it after all), and things to install or hang.  However, it is definitely good for the spirit to simplify.

In the midst of the move, when we were finally in, there were several days of no Internet or television.  My mornings, previously, were usually spent with the tv on while making breakfast and then eating breakfast in front of the computer, reading through emails, blogs, and social media.  I wrote blog posts in the morning, also.  This wasn't a bad thing - I learn a lot through reading blogs - they give me teaching and writing ideas, and I connect to a positive social media community through writing blog posts and commenting on others'.  I've made good friends through blogging!  However, when I didn't have a screen to look at, and I was "forced" to eat breakfast at our picture window that overlooks the lake, I felt so peaceful.  I enjoyed being unplugged for awhile; it was rejuvenating.

When Internet and cable were back up and connected, I realized I had lost a little motivation to blog.  I wanted to read out on the deck or take a walk around the lake instead.  I even wanted to unpack a few more boxes and hang pictures on the wall.  I also realized how much time blogging takes!  This is not to say I don't enjoy being connected and learning/writing through blogging, and I hope after some time away from SJT, I will come back with fresh ideas and thoughts, and we can all reconnect again.  I'll also still be blogging about teaching and books.
I hope you all understand, and again, I plan on coming back, but for now, I need a little rejuvenation! 


  1. This post hit me hard. I wasn't expecting it. When we blog, there are between-the-line things that we miss. I missed this pulling away. I didn't see it coming. I know you have to do what is right for you. I will miss you and this weekly push to embrace my spiritual self. I should do this on my own, but it's better with a group. It means more somehow.
    I am on day 52 of blogging daily (I didn't realize it until I wrote it!), and it does take time, but it also pushes me to write daily. The discipline has been good for me. I may think differently come May. Please don't lose touch. Our friendship was built here.

    1. Margaret,

      I'm sorry to blindside you! This is definitely not permanent - I just realized I was feeling obligated and not joyful about SJT recently. That's not good, and I knew it was a sign to stop for a while. We definitely won't lose touch! I'll be back! In the meantime, I'll still read and comment. :-)

  2. Yes, Holly, yes yes yes! So happy for your no-internet experience and the doors it has opened for you.... and congratulations on accepting the invitation to walk through. May the space rejuvenate you in all the ways you need. xo

  3. Holly, I can relate to your need to pull away. Blogging poems daily during April has been fun for me, but I'm ready for a break. Your need for a hiatus doesn't surprise me somehow. Personally, I want to keep sharing the spiritual side of my writing whether I do it in a group or alone. That was my expressed intention just before Margaret so graciously extended the invite to join SJT.

    Margaret, I'll still be around to check up on you and appreciate you embracing your "spiritual self."

  4. Holly, after our conversation online with Bobbie, I realized that you might take a step back and that is totally understandable. I sometimes feel the pressure of writing but I have found that it brings me to my center. I wish you the spirit of rejuvenation to fill your life with joy as you start a new chapter in your life. I may continue to write about the spiritual side of life while you are on hiatus but not sure. I have not heard from NCTE 16 about our proposal yet but will let you know as soon as I do. I value the friendship of this group so we shall be forever friends.

  5. Holly I wish you a series of Sabbaths filled with life-giving experiences. I could relate to much of your post. I sold just about everything (except my books) when we moved to Vietnam. My hiatus has been more because of intermittent to not connective Internet or sometimes Twitter just being "down" here. I am in the "unplugged" (not necessarily by choice) and working towards the rejuvenated. Margaret and Carol are right there is a strong bond of commraderie forged through the intimate experience of writing and sharing. I wish a season of renewal for you friend!