Friday, March 10, 2017

Slice of Life Story Challenge #10 - Perfume Junkie

It's the March Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers!

     "Mom, can I put on some of your perfume?" Libby asked last time she came home.  She was visiting, but she was going out with friends.

     "Sure.  I just got some new Michael Kors!  Try it!"  I tried on some scents while we were on vacation recently, and was very proud of the teeny bottle  I bought.

     She chuckled.

     "What?!" I asked, perplexed at her reaction.

     "Mom, you keep buying perfume, and you never wear it."

     Hmmm.  I guess that's true.  I returned the chuckle.  "So true. I keep trying.  I'm a perfume junkie!"

     It's true.  I've always been envious of people who have "signature scents."  Those people whose delicious auras follow them wherever they go.  How do they find the perfect perfume?  They seem to be more sophisticated, more stylish, more...something.

     You'd think I could figure it out.  I have the filigreed tray, the pretty bottles, the designer labels.  My cousin, a perfumer, even created a special concoction for me - I hand-picked the scents that I wanted in it - and I STILL didn't wear it.

     What is it about perfume that I just don't "get"?  Do you have  a favorite that I should try?  Should I just give up and wear Bath & Body Works lotions (orange ginger is always good).  Not that wearing Bath & Body Works lotions is giving up...but I just can't figure out the whole thing. Why is it that this is so easy for some people?!  I'd love to hear from you.  Let me know.  I'll keep trying...


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