Friday, March 31, 2017

Slice of Life Story Challenge - The March SOLSC in Six Word Memoirs

It's the March Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers!

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios

     Spring break is coming to an end.  We're finishing up at my mom and dad's in the Tampa area after a week at the Disney parks and Universal.  Ed and I had such fun being big kids in such magical places, but after 77, 308 steps (37.57 miles) and very sore feet, we were definitely done.  

     It's also the end of the March SOLSC. I didn't write all 31 days, but I loved participating in the extent that I could, and I am amazed by the Slices of Life my students wrote and the community they built during the SOL Classroom Challenge. I enjoyed being connected to all of you and to my students throughout the month and during break through writing.  The Challenge is so hard, and yet so rewarding.  I'm going to borrow Angela Faulhaber's idea to write in six word memoirs.  She summed up her spring break that way; I'm going to sum up the March Challenge.

Beginning of March, making writing goals.

Kids excited, ready to blog daily.

Ideas flowing, waking me up nightly.

Paying attention to details, conversations, moments.

Using metaphors, personification, similes, sensory details.

Teaching leads, mentor texts, catchy titles.

Two hundred fifty words, writing stamina.

Missed Slices, disappointment, but starting again.

Positive, encouraging, specific comments equals community.

Seeing each other through words, priceless.

Blogging keeps us connected while apart.

End of month, relieved but sad.

Until next year, there are Tuesdays.


  1. Impressive way to summarize the month Holly!

  2. That's a great summary and LOTS of miles!!!!! You need another vacation to recover from all those steps! :)

  3. I love this summary of the month, Holly! This form is fun to write in, isn't it? My favorite six words are, "End of month, relieved but sad." Exactly!

  4. I love your six word stories! Your pictures also really got me excited for the magical world of Harry Potter when I visit Florida in June! Thank you for sharing!