Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Slice of Life Story Challenge - Write Anyway

It's the March Slice of Challenge at Two Writing Teachers!

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This poem is inspired by one of my student's Slices of Life:

Write Anyway

I don't have anything to say
and these pages are blank
and so is my mind
Write Anyway

The pressure to write
is too much
and I'd rather do anything else 
Write Anyway

Writing is frustrating
and sometimes so terrible
it's embarrassing
Write Anyway

I missed a Slice of Life
in the March Challenge
I'd rather give up now
Write Anyway

My words come out
and nobody wants to read them
Write Anyway

Practicing is not as fun
as getting in the game
and winning
Write Anyway

No one is commenting on
what I write
or cares
Write Anyway

Emotions surge
I start out with nothing
just words
but then ideas start to emerge
something happens
to the words on the page
becoming something
something important
something lasting
something I wanted to say
see what happens when I
Write Anyway


  1. You need to delete the verse that says
    No one is reading
    What I write
    Or cares...

    That is just not true! I love reading your words, and I always come away inspired or take away a new thought or idea to try in my classroom. I am glad you chose to...write anyway!

    1. Ha! Some days I feel that way, for sure, but I was also reflecting what my student felt. I bet we all feel that way at some time or other. Thank you for reading and caring! I feel the same about your writing!

  2. Holly, our students are sometimes frustrated with the writing process so giving them space and time to weave words is key. We get frustrated too but we write anyways.

  3. Holly, I left a comment for Cooper. I would like to quote him. Please let me know if I have his permission.

  4. My students have written about not writing, but none so eloquently as Cooper. I am sharing his post and your response poem with my class. Love it. Reminds me of the Mother Teresa poem, Do It Anyway.

  5. Write anyway, the recurring refrain in your poem is most powerful. Writing is a habit we must cultivate and persist with. Some days the words pour out onto the page and some days we have to push them out- write anyway. The link to our inexperienced student writers is both powerful and important to acknowledge. Confidence grows with practice. Having the model of an adult writer who persists is the very best thing the young writer can hope for. You have stirred some thoughts here in this post. I am indebted to you as a fellow writer.