Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Slice of Life Story Challenge #3 - Celebrate the 2nd Dose

                                                  It's time for the 14th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!  

     For most (or maybe all) of my Slice of Life Story Challenges, I've chosen a theme.  I was going to try it without a theme this year, but I'm already pivoting.  Themes help focus me, give me a sense of purpose, and help me make connections.  When I was a classroom teacher, I taught in themes for the same reasons! I remember a student once saying, "Things in this class all seem to go together and make sense."  Yes!  The magic of themes.  So I made it all of two days without a theme.  

     My theme for March 2021 is going to be "Celebrate".  This comes from a flimsy attempt at a One Little Word for 2021.  I chose "Celebrate" in January as a way to look at life this year from a lens of gratitude, joy, and appreciation.  2020 was hard to celebrate, and we lost a lot of celebrations.  Celebrations are one way I seek purpose - I love birthdays, graduations, dinners out, get togethers, trips, holidays, weddings, and yes...little did I know, funerals.  I didn't fully appreciate how I love the way funerals and memorial services honor and celebrate those we loved until we weren't allowed to have them.  We missed gathering for five of my husband's dear family members in 2020.  I was so thankful that my family was able to gather to celebrate the life of my wonderful aunt Jan at the beginning of the year before everything hit. I chose Celebrate because I want to seek a sense of celebration again - however small those celebrations may be.  Unfortunately, it's still hard!  I know I have SO many things to celebrate, but sometimes I forget.'s time to focus on this theme for March so I can create a habit.  A habit of celebration EVERY DAY.

     Today, it's easy.  I celebrate my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  I celebrate my place of work who made it easy to get it.  They were so organized, efficient, and friendly.  I celebrate Kroger whose folks administered the vaccine.  They met us with friendly faces, reassuring remarks, and what seemed like extra care in placing Band-Aids on our arms.  I celebrate all the scientists who developed this vaccine in record time.  I celebrate all the other people who made it possible for these vaccines to end up in our arms so quickly. I celebrate all the efforts that will be made to make sure everyone who wants a vaccine will get it.

     Because of those vaccines, I celebrate a hope for a future with lots of celebrations.


  1. Celebrate is a great theme!

  2. You are so right. We've made it through a most interesting year... Celebrate indeed!

  3. I like your idea of looking for things to celebrate.

  4. Such a great theme! I'm so grateful you got your second dose today (mine's on Friday!). And you're right too about funerals -- they really are celebrations of life and it's hard to not have them as a marking point.

  5. "Celebrate" is such a positive theme. Vaccination celebration is great during these times. I am happy for you that you already got the second dose. It does bring some peace of heart and makes the future seem a bit brighter.