Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

These are memes started by Teach Mentor Texts and Book Journey, and I'm excited to particpate, along with many other bloggers, in reviewing books I read the previous week. I'll be reviewing picture books through adult books.

It's kind of funny that I read books this week that feature a rat and a cat!
Malcolm at Midnight

I really enjoyed listening to this delightful mystery about Malcolm, a smaller than average rat, who becomes the newest fifth grade pet at McKenna School. Malcolm will steal your heart! He meets a secret society in the school called the Midnight Academy, which is made up of classroom pets who look out for the nutters (kids). Unfortunately, since rats have a bad reputation, Malcolm lets the misunderstanding go uncorrected that he's a mouse. One day the Academy leader, an iguana named Aggy, disappears, and Malcolm is under suspicion for committing the crime. He must prove that he is a rat of merit and valor and rescue Aggy. This book reminds me of a cross between The Rats of Nimh and Tale of Desperaux (which is a book read aloud in the story). I liked the point of view, and I think kids will love the idea of a secret classroom pet society. It's perfect for grades 3-5.

Into the Wild (Warriors, #1)

Warriors: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter (Did you know Erin Hunter is actually FOUR people?)
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I really enjoyed this fantasy about a house cat (kittypet) who longs for a more exciting life, so wanders into the woods. He ends up joining Thunderclan as a young apprentice. In this warrior clan of feral cats, he become Fireclaw, and is recognized by the leader, Bluestar, as having brains as well as a talent for fighting. Firestar becomes involved in a showdown with a rival group, Shadowclan, and its evil leader, while trying to decide whether Yellowfang is worth defending. My students have loved this series, and one of the girls in my class this year directly asked me to read Into the Wild, so it gave me an incentive to finally read it. Now I know what all the fuss was about! Great start to an exciting series!

Come back Wednesday to read reviews of the nonfiction books I read this week in my Nonfiction Wednesday post:

Courage Has No Color, The True Story of the Triple Nickles: America's First Black Paratroopers



Out of The Easy
How apropos that I started this book on Super Bowl Sunday, and it's set in New Orleans!
Splendors and Glooms
The Runaway King (The Ascendance Trilogy, #2)
It seems like this book has been on deck for a couple weeks, but I really am going to get to it this week!!


  1. Out of the Easy is one I've had my eye on...enjoy your week.


  2. I am listening to Splendors and Glooms too! Not a huge fan of the narrator, but I love the story. Very interested to hear what you think of Out of the Easy. A coworker of mine didn't care for it, but I know other readers have loved it!

    1. Oh, that's too bad you don't like the narrator. I actually love her! The story is amazing.

  3. Oooh, I loved Splendors and Glooms! It's a quiet gem, not as much buzz as some of the others that came out last year, but such a wonderful book. Maybe not it will get a wider audience!

    1. I'm loving the story, but I'm wondering what kids will think of it.

  4. I picked up an ARC of Out of the Easy at NCTE in November, and I immediately loaned it to my mom. She still hasn't read it! I need to get it back soon!!

  5. Ah, the Warriors series. Can't keep them in the library, but can't for the life of me understand them. All the different cat names, and then they change them as they get older... argh! There's a dragon series by Tui Sutherland (Wings of Fire) that is very similar to Warriors but with dragons for the heavy duty fantasy readers.