Friday, December 12, 2014

Poetry Friday

I'm making my way through the New York Times Best Illustrated Books of 2014 and knew I had to feature this book on Poetry Friday!
Haiti, My Country by Haitian Schoolchildren by Roge
This book is gorgeous.  Poems by young people about the landscapes of Haiti and beautiful painted portraits of Haitian children grace each page. Some of the portraits made my heart ache and others made me smile. Lines such as:

Upon awakening we hear the song of our neighbour's rooster
A beautiful concert to the ears of merchants
Parading the streets of my country


In this beautiful setting stretches dazzling greenery
where we find small curved houses,
flourishing mango trees at the end of lanes,
and ripening oranges

make me want to visit Haiti and write about the beauty of my own country. This picture book is a must for every classroom and library. Perfect for writing workshop.

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  1. I want to go looking for this book this morning! Sounds terrific!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this book, Holly. I love the rich imagery of these two poems, especially the mango trees at the end of the lane.

  3. I just had this out of the library and spent a nice hour with it - it's impressive, isn't it? Glad to see you calling some more well-deserved attention to it, Holly.