Sunday, January 4, 2015

Celebration Saturday (on Sunday)

I love linking up to a wonderful celebratory community, inspired by Ruth Ayres, every Saturday!
Another late Celebration post.  Oops!  Yesterday got away from me.  This is the last day of winter break, so I'm going to celebrate these last two weeks.  It's been a wonderful break, and it's going to be a little difficult to let it go!
- I got more Winter #Bookaday reading done.  I can't wait to book talk all the books I've read over break.  I've concentrated on middle grade books this time, and I'm so glad I did because I've got lots to share with my students.  I'm also excited about starting to judge the Cybils' Middle Grade Fiction Finalists as a Round 2 Judge!  I read 30 books over break!  Here are a few I've read this week:
The Mark of the Dragonfly The Cat, the Dog, Little Red, the Exploding Eggs, the Wolf, and Grandma Every Last Drop: Bringing Clean Water Home
Stand There! She Shouted: The Invincible Photographer Julia Margaret Cameron Christmas from Heaven: The True Story of the Berlin Candy Bomber All Four Stars
- My friends took me out for a birthday celebration on Monday.  I love when birthdays can be celebrated several times. ;-)
- Libby is having a great time in Chile.  Today she is supposed to be climbing Mt. Villarrica in Pucon, Chile today with her uncle T.J.!
The view from our hostel/what I'm climbing tomorrow:
- Katie had a great time with her boyfriend's family in PA.  One day they took the bus into NYC and had fun!
- New Year's Eve was so much fun!  I'm a little hesitant to tell how much we laughed over the game, Cards Against Humanity.  It's certainly not for everyone, and I won't be playing it often, but oh my gosh, we laughed.
Karan Witham-Walsh's photo.
- Ed's sister, Cindy, and her husband, Tom, came through on Friday on their way home from FL to a wedding in OH, and on to CT.  The Mueller New Year's Day tradition was always cabbage rolls at Ed and Cindy's grandpa's house.  Ed loves them and wanted to try out his mom's recipe.  Cindy and Tom pitched in - they were delicious!
- I'm doing my best to celebrate the start of school tomorrow.  I won't say it isn't a little difficult to give up sleeping in, reading at leisure, staying up late with friends and family, going to movies, and celebrating holidays.  It's always bittersweet.  I will say that I am so fortunate to have a job I love and students I look forward to seeing again!  I'll celebrate that!!



  1. I loved reading your post, so full of life! I too hate giving up this parade of open ended days, but like you, feel so fortunate for having a job that I love, where there is such an opportunity to make difference. Best to you in this first week back, and beyond.

  2. Love reading your wrap-up of fun activities and seeing the fun pictures. Even though going back to school after the holiday was hard, I always enjoyed catching up with my colleagues. You should be able to get my blog address from this comment - you asked me for it so I can participate in Spiritual Journey Thursday with my OLW. If you can't get it, then follow me on Twitter, and I can send you a direct message with the address for my blog. -Ramona

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful break, and yes it is hard to give up that slower pace. But tomorrow it is! My favorite book on your list is The Mark of the Dragonfly. I typically am not a fantasy reader, but I really enjoyed this one. What fun to be a Cybils judge! Have a great week back - I have already been working on my SJT post. I love the idea of using the OLW's as topics.

  4. Love all the pictures, Holly, and celebrating your birthday again is super to think about! Yes, all of us at school today were doing a bit of moaning, wondering how the time went so, so quickly. Always seems so long, & it is, but still.. Have a wonderful week back, & start to this year. Going to be a special one isn't it, wedding stuff!!

  5. Celebrating cabbage rolls - good food, memories and company. Love it!
    The break has been great for recharging and reading. I like how you switch from feeling a bit sorry that the break ends to appreciation for your job and students.

  6. I made cabbage rolls for the very first time this year. They were amazingly good even though they did not look like it. Your house seems to be the center of fun. Happy New Year. Good luck with focusing!