Saturday, January 24, 2015

Celebration Saturday

I love linking up to a wonderful celebratory community, inspired by Ruth Ayres, every Saturday!
It's been three weeks since I posted a Celebration Saturday - how did that happen?! 
1.  We took a break from dreary January and visited Mom and Dad in Florida.  We soaked up the sunshine and Mom and Dad's company!  It was an extra bonus to get a visit from Ed's mom and dad, too, who live just two hours up the road from my parents.  It's so nice to see Mom and Dad happy in their new digs.

Selfie with Mom and Dad!

Sigh - this was a sight for sore January eyes!

Ed's mom and dad - they brought a fun new game with them.

 Cheers to sunny Florida!
Sandhill Crane Crossing!

2.  Tuesday night a colleague, Tracy Kleis, and I gave a #ReadWalkWater presentation to the Kings Board of Education.  We were so proud to celebrate our sixth graders' generosity.  We've raised almost $15,000 - enough to build a well in South Sudan.  One board member even gave us a donation!  Our sixth graders were also written up in a wonderful article in the local newspaper.
3.  I'm enjoying a Wednesday night Bible class at my church on the Gospel of Mark and learning lots of new things.
4.  I enjoyed a visit and dinner with Libby Thursday evening.  She's back safe and sound from her amazing trip to South America with her uncle T.J.  This is my favorite picture from her adventures:

5.  A couple celebrations from earlier in the month include Jamie (Libby's fiancé) and I choosing the reception dinner items.  It was just the two of us because everyone else was busy or out of town.  We had a great time at the wonderful event.  We got to see the reception room that will be the same one we reserved for their wedding all decked out in wedding attire, and it was beautiful. The food was delish, the service top-notch, and we agreed on all our favorites.  I'm so lucky I am going to have a wonderful son-in-law!

6.  Another celebration from the past month was Ed's company holiday party.  We decided to have it January this year, which was really nice.  We always have a great time when we get together with people from his company.  This year we extended it in order to show some friends around our historic town of Lebanon. 

7.  It was exciting to learn that three conference proposals for February have been accepted.  I will be presenting at Dublin Literacy, OCTELA, and OMLA.  I've also submitted an NCTE proposal with Megan Ginther and was asked to be on a panel of another.  Fingers crossed!
8.  I sure was a proud Ohio State mom this month!  How exciting was that game?!  I was sad to say goodbye to Katie when she had to go back to school.  Winter break was so nice!

9.  I'm REALLY enjoying being a Round 2 Cybils' Judge!!  The books on the Middle Grade Fiction list have been fantastic!  We're starting our Google chats now and will be announcing winners in February.  I can't wait to see what we decide on!
10.  My students have been great in January.  I can see that all the hard work of the first semester has really paid off - the writing they are producing and the amount and quality of things they're reading have been excellent.  I've also enjoyed some wonderful words of affirmation from parents and students lately, and that makes my job even better!
Whew!  I think I'm all caught up on celebrating now!



  1. What wonderful celebrations! I want to visit Florida!

  2. Lots to celebrate indeed! That Crane Crossing made me smile. Never seen anything like that! What a photo of Libby - a definite adventure!

  3. Whew is right! Wonderful celebrations Holly. Adventures everywhere! That picture of Libby is breathtaking.

  4. So many fun adventures! I went to a friend's son's wedding last weekend and thought of you. Planning a wedding can be fun, especially when you love the ones you're with. Just keep focused on the reason!

  5. I loved your post this week, Holly! That pool sure is a sight for sore winter eyes. I feel more relaxed just looking at it. I just finished reading "A Long Walk to Water" to my 4th graders...amazing story! (They gasped at the end when I read the last page....) I'm so glad to hear of your success in raising money for a new well in Sudan. Simply awesome!! Keep doing your good work.


  6. Life is a full circle and I love how you celebrate all aspects. Please tell your student how amazing and what a wonderful example they have set for other students in making a difference.

  7. There's soooo much to celebrate!! Oh the warm weather of Florida!!! I'm jealous. It sounds like a beautiful trip. I am WITH you on the celebrating of students at this time of year. Seeing them now and reflecting on them in September and the growth...always makes me smile. :) LOVE this post!

  8. Such a wealth of celebrations, many of which made me teary-eyed, especially your sixth graders impressive efforts!

  9. Great to hear about all of these grand celebrations, Holly. Can't wait to see what your panel chooses for middle grade awards! I love seeing those sandhill cranes (I know you know about my poem yesterday) and the visit to Florida-jealous! Have a great week!

  10. Lovely celebrations this week! But I'm mostly jealous of Florida! I was laughing at the long sleeves the Floridians were wearing!!

  11. Holly, I am so glad that your celebrations speak of positivity. There were many and they all seemed grand. It is a countless array of blessings.

  12. Wonderful celebrations. I thought of the word "together" when I read your celebrations.

  13. So much here to be joyful about and celebrate! That pool caught my eye! I can't wait for pool weather! I love January in schools-everyone should be invited in to see it!

  14. Holly, love that sparkling blue water! So much to celebrate. Congrats to your students for raising enough for a well! And I can't wait to hear about the Cybils announcement for MG fiction. So many great books this year!