Friday, January 23, 2015

Poetry Friday - OLW Acrostic Poem

Today I'm going to invite my students to create acrostic poems from their One Little Words, so I'm doing it myself first.  Next week I plan on sharing what my students write!


Follow truth, righteousness, kindness, and loveliness
Offer one's whole self in this transient world to whatever is admirable
Center the heart and capture every fleeting moment with gratitude
Understand that aligning one's soul to what is important will
Spark creativity, positivity, and joy

Hop on over to Tara Smith's blog, A Teaching Life, to join in the Poetry Friday Roundup today.


  1. I love your long lines. I like that you take the time and space to extend your thought and explore your intention.

  2. Your acrostic truly bears out your intentions. Wonderful!

  3. Now, that's a life well-lived. Thanks for sharing your acrostic, and I'll bet your students will come up with magical ones as well!

  4. Love your acrostic, Holly. My favorite words from it - "aligning one's should to what is important."
    It will be fun to see what your students create.

  5. Wonderful acrostic, I'm all for sparking creativity, positivity, and joy. Joy: Juggle Outrageous Yaks. LOL

  6. The message of your poem is very centering, a perfect reflection of your OLW. I'm eager to see what your students create!

  7. Follow

    Light up the world. Focus!

  8. I like the idea of "center the heart", Holly. It feels so peaceful & loving. And I love that you are doing this with your students, too.

  9. Your acrostic poem is just what I need to remember when I feel a little overwhelmed and lose focus. Sometimes, when I read what teachers are doing with their students, I really miss the classroom. I'm looking forward to their poems next week.

  10. I like that "centering" is in the center of your acrostic! And yay for gratitude!

  11. What a good idea, especially with students, to help solidify their one little word. I'll bet you come up with other ideas to keep their word present in their minds throughout the year. I, too, like your long, centering, lines.

  12. All those lines capture more than just focus. I read the poem and thought of "mindfulness." Thanks for sharing this, its a nice reminder.

  13. Beautiful poem that captures "focus" perfectly! I love the line: "offer one's whole self in this transient world". Thanks for sharing! =)

  14. Holly, your thoughts gave me time to think and be inspired this Monday morning.

    I like what Margaret wrote back to you, so here goes. I am working on an idea with one little words after showing the acrostic format to teachers in PD program.

    Find inner silence
    Converse with self after listening
    Undo cluttered chaos
    Step forward