Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nonfiction Wednesday in Haiku

I'm excited that Alyson Beecher, at Kid Lit Frenzy, is continuing her Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge for the fourth year in a row.

Thank you Margaret Simon for encouraging us to link up poetry this month using the hashtag #digipoetry.  Also, thank you Leigh Anne Eck for creating a button for us to use.
It's been a while since I wrote a Nonfiction Wednesday post because of the SOLSC, but I'm back!  I'll be combining the two memes today by responding to a few nonfiction picture books in haiku.
Bilby: Secrets of an Australian Marsupial
Bilby: Secrets of an Australian Marsupial by Edel Wignell, illustrated by Mark Jackson
Nocturnal, big-eared 
Australian marsupial...
an Easter bunny?
Emmanuel's Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah
In Ghana, biking,
born with a disfigured leg,
one person can change the world.
Draw What You See: The Life and Art of Benny Andrews
Benny taught us that
art can be for everyone.
A people's painter.


  1. Love the way you combined book review and haiku. A good idea for students to do.

  2. Great idea! And I LOVE your haiku for Emmanuel's Dream. Thanks!! :)

  3. What an awesome post! I would love to do this with my students too. Thanks!

  4. Love that you combined the haiku with the books, & love that 'easter bunny'. Great, Holly.