Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Slice of Life - Addressing Wedding Invitations

I love participating in Slice of Life, started by Two Writing Teachers and writing a story, reflection, or musing at least once a week.
I'm glad Tuesday has rolled around so I can visit all the Slice of Lifers again.  I'm missing everyone after the amazing Slice of Life Story Challenge!
Thank you Margaret Simon for encouraging us to link up poetry this month using the hashtag #digipoetry.  Also, thank you Leigh Anne Eck for creating a button for us to use.
Addressing Wedding Invitations
Invitations are piled high,
adorned with navy script
and warm and optimistic sunflowers
that symbolize adoration and longevity.
Navy Sharpies are poised and ready,
the perfect color,
thanks to little sister.
Post masters have scoured
the back of the store
for sheets of just the perfect
"Forever" love stamps.
We're ready to address.
Each name,
the pen curving around
the loops and flourishes,
is lovingly drawn,
and we think about how
meaningful those names are,
and part of our lives -
the past, present, and future.
Each address
is noted,
and we marvel how
far across this country
and world
they will go,
a web of history, family, and
Hours pass.
We talk about how
a wedding is a unique
gathering, the only time
all those connected to you
and your spouse and families
will come together
to celebrate.
We think about
who will sit
with whom,
and who will become friends
and tied together
through a new family.
We think about joy.
They are finished.
All addressed and stamped,
sealed and stacked,
weighed and ready,
they are sent out...


  1. There is beauty and joy all wrapped up in this poem! And every time I read a reflection on your blog, I'm taken back to planning our wedding. Thanks for providing this joy for us!

  2. A wedding invitation can symbolize so much! An invitation to love, to a marriage, a celebration. Your poem captures your anticipation and excitement! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. These are the people who watched you become who you are. These are the people you treasure. You captured those feelings beautifully in your poem. Well done!

  4. I love how you turned addressing invitations (something that was so stressful to me) into something beautiful with your thoughtfulness. Also those invited are gorgeous.

  5. Oh, my, such thought and emotion tied into those invitations! Is it that time already? I went to a wedding this weekend in which my daughter was a bridesmaid. I so enjoyed watching her with all her closest friends from all over now (San Francisco to New York).

  6. What a wonderful reflections as you prepare the invitations! Such an exciting time for your families!

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