Thursday, March 3, 2016

Slice of Life Story Challenge - Day 3 - Framing

It's Day 3 of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge, and I'm writing a goodbye letter to our house in a series of memories since we will be moving in April.

I went to this website to help me reconstruct, in photos, the building process.

Basement framework goes up
Little Katie

Now it starts taking shape

Having fun in the basement
It's a house!
Stairs!  These stairs became a place where we staged many a photo!

Back of the house


Breakfast room

Windows go in!
     By the end of September 2004, our house took shape.  We've built two houses from the ground up during our marriage; the process is much like marriage itself.  You choose a foundation from which to build - for us it was a faith in God, commitment to family, and a promise that nothing could separate us.  Then you build a framework of trust, optimism, and fun.  After the framework, all the internal systems go in; for a house, that means plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and insulation.  For a marriage, it's the daily routines, careers, education, cooking meals, taking care of health, and family commitments; these can challenge marriage, but when done together and in sync, are the ordinary moments that make a life.  Next, you complete the drywall, interior and exterior finishes, and driveways and walkways.  I see that as the finishing touches on a marriage - the friends and family who enter and exit, the small things you do for each other, the long conversations, and the things you learn about your spouse. 
     And last, but most exciting, you complete the house.  Of course, that's when those two cute little girls come into the home.  For us, that was in the first house we built; the first came within the first year of finishing the house.  In this house, both girls moved out.  Full circle.  It's appropriate, then, that our next house wasn't built or bought move-in ready.  We completely gutted it (much like "The Property Brothers"), and started all over.  I'm sure I could find a metaphor in that...


  1. Holly, this is a wonderful look at house building compares to a marriage. I will need to share that with my husband. We are trying to figure out what is our next step. This house was so amazing in its structure. From it grew a lasting foundation of familial love and memories.

  2. I really love this. We have been in our house--that we purchased, not built from ground-up--for 9 years. This home is all that my children know...and we are moving across the country in June. I've been very nostalgic about our rooms, and I completely agree that building a home is like building a marriage. Loved this piece.

  3. By the way, I read Pax the moment it came out and just loved it. Cried at the ending. Enjoy!

  4. Ek! What a great post! I love looking at houses that become homes!

  5. Very cool - especially that staircase, which became the site of many a photograph you've shared.

  6. Very cool - especially that staircase, which became the site of many a photograph you've shared.