Sunday, March 6, 2016

Slice of Life Story Challenge - Day 6 - First Celebrations

It's Day 6 of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge, and I'm writing a goodbye letter to our house in a series of memories since we will be moving in April.

Once 2005 got under way, it was time to start inviting people over and making the house a home!
 First birthday party - Katie's 9th!

Deep Creek West - we invited our Pittsburgh friends for Labor Day weekend 2005 since we always went to Deep Creek Lake Over that weekend in years past.  We recreated the weekend without the lake.


A wedding shower for Jill & Dave (maybe first poker game at the new table)

First Halloween
First Friends' Thanksgiving in our house.
Thanksgiving day with cousins
My parents and Aunt Jan came to visit at Christmas 2005.

Christmas spirit!

We got fun stuff for the basement!

First family photo in our house.

First New Year's Eve
Happy New Year 2006!
     I love a party, and we had lots of them in this house!  It had great space, so people could spread out all over.  The basement was awesome for big groups - we had a poker table, pool table, air hockey, darts, pinball machine, and big screen t.v. with lots of video games and movies, so it was a great place for kids.  Many pre-dance parties, slumber parties, and hangouts happened down there. Our kitchen was big, so that's where everyone seemed to gather - around that island!  The kids always loved it when I lit candles, started making appetizers, and chilled the wine and champagne.  It meant a party was brewing!


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  1. You and your family are SO BLESSED, not only that you have lived in that gorgeous, spacious house, but that you have filled every inch of it with love--and therefore amazing memories. Thank you so much for sharing those photo memories, all of which beckon us welcome to vicariously enter into your hospitality and grace.

    It's another of your memories that I have tapped into and wish to share with you! It's a memory and reflection about smiling that you shared in response to my last SJT post. I've used what you wrote as the basis of a post that I would like to submit. But even though I don't name you, I would like you to read/respond to the draft I have prepared before I proceed. Please send me your email address through a private Twitter message so that I can email you the relatively short story. Please honor your words and mine by giving me the opportunity to share with you where your wise words and beautiful memory have taken me. God bless you, Holly! Thank you!