Monday, March 6, 2017

Slice of Life Story Challenge #6 - I Came, I Rode, I Conquered

It's the March Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers!

     In August, our assistant principal invited us to a staff development activity at a local spinning studio called Cyclebar.  She had met the owner, and it was a new studio, so he offered us all a free 50 minute ride.  I had taken spinning classes years ago when I was a much more fit, younger, stay-at-home mom.  I remember that it was quite grueling, and I took it about once a week.  I also remember that it was a great workout, but I hadn't particularly enjoyed it.  I did it for the cardio because I hated running.  

     We got our special cycling shoes, Cyclebar red water bottles, and had our choice of a banana and apple.  After filling up the water bottles with chilled water, we entered into the studio.  Being first timers, we had signed up for the back row.  We tentatively adjusted our bikes (with help) to the right heights, clipped ourselves into the pedals (which wasn't easy - it's definitely a technique), leaned forward on the handlebars, and started to pedal.  The music started, the lights dimmed and brightened, creating a cool ambiance, and off we went.  Thank God there was a towel provided, because it wasn't long before I started to sweat profusely.  Trying to follow along with the instructor's suggested speed and gear numbers, I stood in "position 3" and "position 2", tapped back, did push ups, "climbed hills", sprinted, and did arm exercises with the bar provided.  I sweated and hyperventilated through the whole thing, legs burning, chest heaving...I was exhausted.  And exhilarated.  I was hooked.

     Our stats are displayed on a board periodically during the class, and sometimes races are individual, sometimes men vs. women, rows, and even vs. odd numbered bikes.  I'm not necessarily a competitive person in a lot of situations, but Cyclebar brings it out - I love seeing where I can be on the board, I try for all the incentives, and if there's someone next to me doing better, I push harder. Another great thing about it is that I leave all my stress is left at the door of the studio.  Cycling at Cyclebar is a "flow" activity for me. My mind is completely focused on the music, the instructor's voice, and my performance. The instructors are awesome, the staff is friendly and encouraging, and there's even "Wine Down Wednesday" when they serve wine and beer after Wednesday evening classes!  I do a couple fitness things throughout the week that I enjoy, but Cyclebar is addictive!  

     This past weekend I convinced my best friends to go with me since I had been talking about it for 6 months.  They were good sports and came along.  It was so fun to show them what it was all about.  They did a great job, too!  Now they know what I'm going on and on about...


  1. I've had my ups and downs w/ spinning. I haven't done it in a long time. I got bored, but your new studio sounds fantastic. I like classes that provide arm exercises and equipment for them. I also love the "Wine Down Wednesday." That's enough to get me peddling!

  2. I've been so very impressed following your cycle bar posts. You've been crushing it! What a tremendous fitness outlet. Keep on, keeping on. You are amazing!

  3. Holly, you did a great job of showing me what goes on in the spin class. I see how addictive it can be by what you described. I also see streams of people coming out of the spin class in my gym but I think I will continue with my yoga and cardio classes that are more gentle. Mindulness is present in both of our exercise programs. Happy Spinning.

  4. So impressed! Seems like fun. I love finding exercise classes that are a fit! Right now mine are all dance related. I love the music and the laughing.