Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Slice of Life Story Challenge #7 - A Thank You Letter to my Feet

It's the March Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers!

My foot is not in this picture.  There is no way I could squeeze my feet into one of those beautiful shoes and keep them there.  We used to take these pictures before my daughters' high school dances.  Both of them can wear gorgeous heels.

Dear Feet,

I'm not always as appreciative of you as I should be.  Sometimes I complain that you could be prettier if you were smaller, and I really wish you could be graceful and happy in high heels, and right now, you kind of hurt.  But when I really think about all you've done, you're pretty amazing, so thank you for that.

You are tough.  You carried me around without shoes everywhere when I was a kid.  I wouldn't bother to cover you as soon as it got warm enough, so you had to run through spiky grass, wet mud, a rocky driveway, and dirt.  Bare. You screamed out in pain when a bee bit you between your tender toes that one day, but after a little medicine and a band-aid, you were back at it again. Bare.  You crossed stones in cold creeks and even climbed trees.  You built up some tough callouses to protect you.  That was resourceful!  

You are strong.  You maneuvered me through water during my swimming lessons, pushing and paddling.  You held me up while treading water so I could pass my swim tests to get to the next level. You propelled me off the diving board into the deep end even when I was terrified and climbed the ladder again and again when I realized how fun it was.  When I played defense in soccer, you kicked the soccer ball powerfully inside those cleats and helped me save many a goal.  You sashayed (well, that might sound more graceful than you actually were) down the slopes in snow boots and stood me up on water skis for the first time after many trial and errors.

You are enduring. In college, you walked me from class to class, uptown and downtown, across campus.  You ached sometimes, but you kept me going.  Left Foot - you endured foot surgery while they repaired a bunion, and healed while hidden under a cast for 6 weeks.  I couldn't believe they inserted a pin to keep your toe bone in place!  Even though, Right Foot, you're hurting now because you need surgery, too, you're still clipping into stationary bike pedals, doing your share of walking around the lake and at school, and squeezing every now and then into uncomfortable shoes just to look cute.

You are fun.  You enjoyed the warm pond water when I was a kid, swinging you off the dock, swishing you around.  You did a good job when you splashed my friends sitting next to me!  You ran me around on recess, jumped rope, and hopped during hopscotch. You swung up high on the swings, above my head.  You dangled without stirrups when I rode my horse bareback and tromped in L.L. Bean boots through fields in early morning when I bird hunted with my dad. You threw your shoes off and danced at concerts, weddings, and parties.  Speaking of weddings, you got to walk down the aisle at Libby's wedding!  That was amazing.  And you didn't trip, thank God!  And sorry, I KNOW those shoes hurt!

You like to relax.  You propped yourselves up on couches during long talks with friends, and  wiggled your toes to signal someone to give you a massage.  You tuck yourselves under while I read a book, and rest soundly under the covers while I sleep.

You're kind.  You walked in several events to raise money for various charities like Juvenile Diabetes and wells in South Sudan.  Maybe someday you'll try to run a bit for a few fundraisers.  

You might not like heels, but I'll forgive you.  Your toes are a little long, but I'll forgive you.  You're a little big and shoes would look better if you were smaller, but I'll forgive you.  I'll need to fix Right Foot's bunion, but I forgive you. You've done one heck of a good job!  I can't imagine what I'd do without you.  Thanks again.


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