Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Slice of Life Story Challenge #8 - Hallelujah Anyway

It's the March Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers!

The view from my office window.

     I got home from school, dropped my stuff in the kitchen, changed for Cyclebar, grabbed a leftover green smoothie from the fridge, and plopped down in our office to see if I could figure out what to write about for today's Slice.  I was feeling a little stressed because there are some unknowns about my teaching role next year, and I was trying to shrug off that tension by looking around at sources on my computer that might inspire some writing.  I came across an Instagram post by Anne Lamott promoting her upcoming book tour.  I love the title of her new book...Hallelujah Anyway.  I was pondering that praise when I finally realized how beautiful it was outside.  

Not knowing exactly what next year might bring?  

What about those white blossoms, 
petals like delicate crepe paper,
the centers a barely blush pink.
Are they flimsy and easily blown away?
Look at how they burst forth through 
those tough casings
that enclosed them for months,
casting them to the ground in a frenzy.
Full of glory and grit.
Maybe they don't know frost
will still be coming.
Are they worried?
It doesn't matter to them.  
They know they've been created
to celebrate,
so they'll sing for now...
Hallelujah Anyway!


  1. I had to go and research Anne Lamont a bit. "Mercy is radical kindness." This is the first quote I found about Hallelujah Anyway when I went digging. Needless to say, it's on my list now! Also, I'm rooting for you, in whatever needs to happen for next year. That view from your office is beautiful...thanks for sharing.

  2. Holly - this is just beautiful. And though I don't know "Hallelujah Anyway", I love the idea and concept of those two words put together. So Hallelujah, Anyway for you leaving the uncertainty of what's next and embracing the beauty right in front of you.

  3. What a beautiful and resilient poem! Love that line "look how they burst forth from those tough casings". Vivid and strong image. Looking forward to an update about what's going on when I see you next.

  4. See, when I write poetry it always ends up just prose with weird line breaks. THIS is the real deal. I love the questions you ask, and your rebuttal of the obvious answers.

  5. When life gets you down, look out the window and write a poem. Love the imagery here, and the thought that nature celebrates no matter what.